Completing the look

April 25, 1991|By Karen Harrop (K.H.)

* Go for the glitter. This year's party earrings are long and sexy and fun, says Elaine Suls of John Sims. Colored or icy clear crystals, as well as rhinestones, are making news this summer. "We're also selling lots of pearls," she says.

A pair of crystal flower blossoms are an updated alternative to the shoulder duster earring.

* Pair your earrings with a icy or frosted Lucite bracelet or a colored crystal bracelet.

"The wide, understated gold or silver colored cuff bracelet also complements this year's fashions," says Diane Lee of Octavia.

* Think backless not just for your dress, but even for your shoes. Mules, the shoes with the open toes, stiletto heels and no backs, are everywhere this season. For those of you who like the look, but actually need to walk, try sleek, skinny slingbacks with your evening wear.

Another alternative is colored silk shoes. They aren't just for bridesmaids anymore. Dye a pair to match your ensemble or make a statement with a pair in a contrasting color.

* Try a cover-up. This year's chiffon or organza stoles or jackets add a soft note to an ensemble while providing some cover in the night air.

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