Athletes Make A Point About Grade-point Averages


April 24, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

This being Wednesday, a platter of those hot "Q's & A's" are coming up right up, but first let's clear up some unfinished business.

Sunday in "Sidelines," I wrote that 92 percent of the near 100 applicants for the ninth annual Anne Arundel County Sun All-County Academic-Athletic Team wrote in their essays that the county should raise its grade-point average requirement to play athletics from a 1.67 to a 2.00.

I wrote that the kids, who have to attain the requirement, never had been really asked about their opinions.

I heard from Paul Rusko, the county coordinator of physical education, who said they had given their input before this.

"Back in 1986, student government representatives discussed the GPA and supported the 1.67," said Steve Barry, Board of Education adviser to the student government associations in the county.

"The students research issues such as the GPA, and it is quite a dynamic group whose input we want."

When asked whywouldn't the kids endorse a 1.67 back in 1986 when the county's requirement was then an embarrassing 0.66, Barry answered, "Yes, that wasunderstandable. . . . We've never discussed the 2.00."

Rusko added that student groups often are asked about other issues and is hoping for input from them on sportsmanship and raising ticket prices. Nowthat's the kind of democratic school system we like.

Moving on toour questions without answers, don't forget to call with your big "Q," response, answer or whatever. The Q-line is 647-2499.

* Did youknow that Old Mill long jumper Corey Dorsey is going big time and will tape a TV spot for Coca-Cola tomorrow at Old Mill? How about that?

* Have you marked May 15 on your calendar as the next date for another Josh Hall-Victoria Savaliski Round One Promotions dinner and boxing show at LaFontaine Bleu?

Aren't congratulations in order for the couple on the birth of a baby girl two weeks ago?

* What is North County High head tennis coach Dan Krimmelbein talking about when he calls his team's philosophy "playing grub tennis?"

* How about applause for still another county softball player receiving a scholarship in Chesapeake first baseman-pitcher Stacey Matcuk to Robert Morris in Pittsburgh?

* How about this quote from Chesapeake girls lacrosse coach Jim Buchan after his Cougars ended Severna Park's 57-gamewinning streak last week with a 17-16 victory in overtime: "Northeast (softball) got its streak snapped, and Severna Park got its snappedby us, but we won't be next. We're going to keep this going?"

Buchan's Cougars have won 13 in a row since last season.

Isn't it amazing what Buchan has done with the girls stick program at Chesapeake,and isn't it even neater that former head coach Earl Eckhardt is Buchan's assistant?

* Did you know that Keith Smith of Millersville, the local track and field guru of officials, is headed for Randall's Island, New York City, (June 12-15) to call the USA Mobil World Championship qualifier?

* Wasn't it in great spirit and in the best interest of the kids that two rival organizations, Peninsula Athletic League and the Annapolis Optimists, merged so the kids in that area could form a "B" lacrosse team?

* Are you Gambrills-Odenton folks ready for this weekend's T-shirt night at Arundel High Friday and Saturday's opening-day parade for the Gambrills-Odenton Rec Council?

AllGORC kids who wear team jerseys to Friday night's lacrosse doubleheader at Arundel High will be admitted free, and the parade starts at 10 a.m. Saturday at Arundel Junior High with games all day long at theGORC Waugh Chapel Road park.

How glad do you think GORC Vice President Bill Lefebvre is to be home after a two-month stint in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm? Lefebvre has been on active duty since January and recently returned home.

* Have you collectors heard that Broadneck High is the place to be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.Saturday in the school cafeteria for a baseball card show?

How about the Oriole Bird and an Orioles' player joining you at the card show from 1:30 to 3 p.m.?

* Did you know that 7-foot All-County basketball player Boris Beck returned home to Germany to see his family during the Easter vacation and just got back to serve as manager for the Bruins' baseball team?

"No, Boris won't be suiting up with the baseball team, but is learning to play catch from the guys and just having a great time," said Tim McMullen, Broadneck athletic director and junior varsity baseball coach.

Isn't McMullen living proof thatold baseball men never forget, as evidenced by his team's 6-3 record, including a win over Old Mill via the suicide squeeze Monday?

"We've got what I think is a really good ninth-grade class in baseball," said McMullen, who returned this season after nearly a decade off from coaching.

McMullen is really high on freshman shortstop Brian Zimmerman's arm and the overall ability of sophomore center fielder Brian Tate.

"Zimmerman has a great arm and is going to be a good high school player," said McMullen.

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