Hair Ball promises hi-jinks

April 24, 1991

John Waters, the high priest of high camp and high hair is lending his name to a party and a cause. The Hair Ball, to be held at Maryland Art Place Saturday from 9 p.m. until 1 will be the scene for some of this town's hairiest happenings.

The party will be set against the background of an art exhibition and installations by area artists -- all based on a hirsute theme. The exhibit will remain at MAP through May 11, but for this one night all eyes will be on area salons who will compete for a hair design trophy to be awarded by Waters. Each stylist will have 45 minutes to create or complete a design.

Judy Strzegowski, of Hey Jude's, her namesake salon, says her stylist has been practicing and perfecting a complicated hairstyle that is all in good fun, but shows the nimble skills required to turn average locks into great looks.

Call 962-8565 for more information.

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