Cities must share teams* Regarding John Steadman's column...

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April 23, 1991

Cities must share teams

* Regarding John Steadman's column of April 17 (focusing on Washington's efforts to land an expansion baseball team): Washington will never get a baseball franchise thanks to the generic Orioles.

Baltimore will never get a football franchise because the Redskins are covered here like a local team. As far as naming the new ballpark, how does Generic or Regional Park sound? Don't be surprised!

John Marchiano


Say it ain't so, Brooks

* I am a 29-year-old Orioles fanatic. I rarely miss an O's game on radio or TV (including spring training). I have a lot of respect for Brooks Robinson as a player and announcer, but recently I have become disheartened at his negative attitude toward the game. He recently has made comments like, "I would never go to a game I wasn't working," and, "I'd rather be watching basketball."

If Mr. Robinson is so bored with the game, he should get out of it altogether. I still get excited from the first pitch of spring training to the last one of the season. I think Brooks is a great announcer, but I don't enjoy hearing negative comments about the game.

John Halford

Glen Burnie

More baseball, please

* In the past few years I have noticed coverage of boys and girls high school basketball, football, volleyball and soccer on local city and county cable -- but no baseball. With interest in the sport and some good players around, baseball deserves an equal share of the limelight. To begin, each week could focus on a different league, both high school and local college. In the summer, they could feature minor-league and amateur games from around the state.

tephen Johnson


It's all in a name

* We should name our baseball stadium Babe Ruth Stadium, after the greatest baseball player who ever played the game. Not only was he born and raised in Baltimore, but the stadium is located where he grew up.

Camden Yards sounds like a junkyard, and what would you name the football stadium next to it -- Camden Yards Annex? If Baltimore had a major-league team during Ruth's career, he would have played here.

Baltimore should be proud to have a legend like him.

Tony Silvana



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