Be prepared for an emergency by having the basics on hand

April 23, 1991

PHARMACIST DAVID PERROTT of Union Memorial Hospital suggests a periodic inventory of your medicine cabinet. Here are the basics he thinks you should have on hand:


* Syrup of ipecac, to induce vomiting in an emergency.

* Analgesic (acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin), to relieve pain and reduce fever

* Antacid

* Anti-diarrheal

* Decongestant

* Expectorant-type cough syrup

* Antiseptic solution (such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide), to cleanse a wound.

* Topical anesthetic spray, to ease pain of scraped knees and sunburn.

* Bacitracin or other antibiotic cream, to prevent infection of cuts and burns.

* Hydrocortisone cream, to reduce inflammation from poison ivy and sunburn.


* Adhesive bandage strips

* Thermometer

* Tweezers

* Eye cup

* Sterile gauze pads

* Adhesive tape

* Elastic bandage for wrapping sprained joints

* Heating pad

* Ice pack

* Vaporizer

* First-aid guide for handling minor emergencies like cuts, burns and bleeding. (Handy charts are often distributed at hospital-sponsored health fairs in various communities, Perrott says.)

* Phone numbers for emergency medical help. The Maryland Poison Center number is 528-7701 in Baltimore and (800) 492-2414 elsewhere in the state.

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