Shopping drops men

April 22, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES -- Henry Cho says he can run and play basketball all day long, but if he goes to a shopping center with his girlfriend, he'll be "dead in half an hour."

"It should be part of a triathlon," he suggests. "Make a guy swim a mile, ride a bike for 30 [miles] and walk through a mall with a girl. Ain't a man alive who can do that."

According to social scientists, personal shoppers, marketing researchers and authors who have studied behavioral differences between men and women, Mr. Cho makes a critical point: Many men lack the "shopping gene."

For instance:

* While both women and men shop for items that help them feel more attractive to the opposite sex, women tend to buy clothing and accessories whereas men prefer cars and stereos.

* When it comes to clothes, women want a lot of choices; men typically take the first thing that fits.

* Women frequently hang out in malls for recreation; men want to accomplish their goal -- and get out.

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