Market intelligenceMore than 14,500 "off-the-shelf...


April 22, 1991

Market intelligence

More than 14,500 "off-the-shelf" studies of worldwide markets and industries will become more readily accessible to American business through the publication of FINDEX 1991, a market intelligence service available both in print and online via Dialog.

Cambridge Information Group is to publish FINDEX April 30.

FINDEX summarizes the contents of virtually every available market research study and industry survey, including 1,900 reports never before listed. It includes reports on the European Economic Community and the Pacific Rim.

FINDEX users can locate reports from more than 500 publishers. The reports cover more than 2,000 specific topics -- from affluent markets to zirconium, from exercise equipment to pension funds -- and provide information about competitors, available markets, demographics and industry trends.

For more information, contact Michael Miyazaki of Cambridge Information Group, (301) 961-6761.

Buy-sell agreements

Small businesses with two or more owners often use buy-sell agreements to buy out the interests of an owner upon death.

But if your buy-sell agreement is several years old, you should re-examine it in light of new tax laws and new approaches to funding or designing such agreements, according to the Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

Such agreements often are backed by the proceeds of life insurance policies held by the co-owners. But business owners should craft a plan carefully, to avoid excess tax liability and other problems, the institute says.

One new strategy is to draft a so-called "wait and see" agreement. Under such an agreement, either the company or the surviving owner has the option to buy, but a decision can be deferred until after a co-owner or major shareholder dies. The surviving owner can consider the tax implications of any deal.

Another consideration involves the use of a new insurance product called a "first-to-die" policy. Such an approach might be cheaper than the common practice of buying separate life insurance policies on co-owners.

Small Business Week

To kick off National Small Business Week, Maryland is sponsoring an all-day conference on small and growing businesses in Baltimore May 6.

Workshops will cover financing, leadership, government contracting and effective sales. Georgette Mosbacher, CEO of La Prairie Inc. cosmetics company, is the luncheon speaker. The conference will be held at the Omni International Hotel, and the cost is $95 per person. For more information, call 539-7730.

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