Run a mile in his shoesIn his National Football League...

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April 21, 1991

Run a mile in his shoes

In his National Football League career, Earl Campbeltrampled would-be tacklers like a runaway stagecoach, but Bum Phillips, his longtime coach, remembers when Campbell started slowing a bit.

Campbell, who will be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in July along with John Hannah, Tex Schramm, Jan Stenerud and Stan Jones, was near the end of his career when he rejoined his former Oilers coach, Phillips, in New Orleans.

On the first day of training camp, each player had to run one mile, but Campbell couldn't make it. He ran only three-quarters of a mile and then stopped. Reporters quickly surrounded Phillips and asked what he would do.

"I said, 'Well, hell, we just won't give him the ball if it's more than three-quarters of a mile,' " Phillips said. "That was simple. It didn't take a smart head coach to figure that one out."

Not the end zone?

Former Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos running bacTony Dorsett is scheduled to receive second-star billing behind actor David Carradine in a Vietnam War adventure film called "Kill Zone." The producer is Roger Corman, whose previous film credits include such B movie fare as "Attack of the Crab Monsters" and "Teenage Caveman."

Since Dorsett's character is named Sheriff, it is doubtless hoped that he will give an arresting performance.

The quote

Philadelphia Phillies reliever Mitch Williams, who traded twcases of beer to outfielder John Kruk for uniform No. 28, the number he wore with the Cubs: "I knew it would be beer or Ding Dongs, I just wasn't sure which."

As old as the trees

How old is 43-year-old Chicago White Sox pitcher CharliHough, really? "When I broke in, we didn't have bats," Hough said. "We just grabbed a branch off a tree."

Icing on the bet

Because the Calgary Flames lost to the Edmonton Oilers ithe National Hockey League playoffs, Calgary Mayor Al Duerr also lost his bet with his Edmonton counterpart, so Duerr will be paraded around Edmonton's Northlands Coliseum on the Zamboni before Game 3 of the second-round series between the Oilers and Los Angeles Kings.

Playoffs do not compute

The computer network at the Alberta Research office iCalgary picked the Flames to win their first-round playoff series against Edmonton. The Flames lost. The computer picked the Chicago Blackhawks to defeat the Minnesota North Stars. The Blackhawks lost. The computer also picked the New York Rangers to defeat the Washington Capitals. The Rangers lost.

The computer is now picking the Kings to win the Stanley Cup.

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