Season ticket queryWhy should I buy Baltimore Blast season...


April 21, 1991

Season ticket query

Why should I buy Baltimore Blast season tickets for next year when the team was selling tickets for the last half of this season for $2?

Linda Wall


Skipjacks fan challenge

For years John Buren has done a poor job in reporting the scores of the Skipjacks hockey games on Channel 13. This is a fact. What does it take, three seconds?

I've written letters to Buren twice, but it happens over and over again.

I challenge anyone at WJZ to tell me when they did not report a score of a Blast game.

Not reporting scores of the games makes me think that Buren or

someone at the station must have brain cramps.

Albert Izneu


Lesson taught

This is in response to a letter from Ed Miller that appeared in The Sun on March 24, 1991. Miller's son was one of the 10 players kicked off the Washington College lacrosse team for his involvement in a drinking and driving incident on the return trip from a lacrosse game.

Miller claims that these players got a "bad rap" because they were not all intoxicated when the van was pulled over for going 83 mph in a 65 mph zone and the student driver of the van was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He further claims that Washington College condones "social drinking" because it hosts occasional receptions after some home athletic events for players and their parents where alcohol is served, and says that this practice is in some way connected to the drinking, driving and speeding incident, and therefore, Washington College should accept responsibility for the players' actions.

Regardless of who was driving the school van or the school's alcohol policy, all of the players involved know that it is against the law to drink and drive. Furthermore, they should have been aware that in at least two of the three states they had to travel through to return to Chestertown, it is illegal to carry open containers of alcohol in a moving vehicle.

As a Washington College alumnus, I applaud the school's decision to take disciplinary action against the players involved. Instead of attempting to blame the college for his son's behavior, Miller should be thanking the school for trying to teach his son, and the other players, one of life's most basic rules: each individual is responsible for his or her own behavior.

Miller should be thankful that no one, including his son, was seriously injured or killed as a result of the drinking and driving episode. Hopefully, the 10 players involved, as well as every other student at Washington College, have learned a valuable lesson from this unfortunate incident.

Karen McGee


Put Aqueduct back in

It was this time last year, when Delaware Park opened, that The Sun stopped printing the entries and results from Penn National to make room for Delaware Park. At that time, I wrote to complain about the elimination of the Penn National coverage. To my surprise, the Penn National coverage was quickly resumed -- I had not expected The Sun to be so responsive to readers' complaints.

This low expectation was due entirely to experiences derived from Daily Racing Form's long-standing lack of responsiveness to its readers; and I suppose I assumed (unfairly) that The Sun also would be non-responsive. For this unfounded and unfair assumption, I apologize.

This year, I note that The Sun has chosen to eliminate Aqueduct from its coverage to make room for Delaware Park. And I find myself in the awkward position ow writing to request that Aqueduct be restored, and that if a track must be eliminated to make room for Delaware Park, that Penn National be the one to go.

The difference between this year and last is the change in the Daily Racing Form's coverage that it supplies to the Baltimore area. DRF no longer distributes the Penn National edition in this area. Although the coverage appears to be erratic, it does seem that the DRF intends to provide coverage (in the form of past performances) for Pimlico, Charles Town, Delaware Park and Aqueduct. So, from the DRF's point of view, Penn National is the odd man out.

As a horseplayer, I cannot follow a track if I do not have the data (past performances) for that track. So, after 10 years of being a Penn National fan, I have had to drop that track. And since I do have the data for the NYRA tracks, I would prefer to see Aqueduct coverage reinstated in The Sun, at the cost of losing Penn National.

Joshua Miller


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