40 Burglaries Tallied In Past 30 Days In County

Police beat

April 21, 1991

Detectives at the state police, the county Sheriff's Department and the Bel Air Police Department are investigating nearly 40 burglaries in the Bel Air area during the last 30 days.

Bel Air police said 19 burglaries and attempted burglaries have been reported in the Majors Choice neighborhood in the northeast section of town last Sunday and Monday.

The burglaries occurred during the night, police said. Some homeowners had been at home at the time, police noted.

Cash -- $1,647 -- was stolen from purses, wallets and briefcases, police said.

TheSheriff's Department said about 20 other burglaries have been reported throughout the county in March and April.

In all 39 burglaries,houses were entered through sliding glass doors, unlocked doors and windows between midnight and 5:30 a.m., the Sheriff's Department said.

Police advise residents to lock all doors and windows, watch forunusual people or vehicles in their neighborhoods and turn on outside lights during the night.

To give investigators information on the burglaries, call the Sheriff's Department at 838-6600, Bel Air police at 838-3120 or state police at 838-4101.


Three Aberdeen men were charged with kidnapping a Havre de Grace man, taking him to Darlington and striking him with a baseball bat on March 30, Harford District Court records say.

Timon D. Kornegan, 19, was charged by Havre de Grace police with kidnapping, maiming, assault, battery and false imprisonment, court records say.

Two other men -- Craigg E. Wallace, 22, and Jerome L. Quickley Jr., 18, were each charged with kidnapping, records say.

Apolice report filed in district court says Kornegan, Wallace and Quickley took a Havre de Grace man from his home in the 200 block of Bloomsbury Avenue on the night of March 30.

Kornegan is charged of striking the man with the bat at the house, police said. The victim wasthen pushed into a car and then driven to Darlington, police said.

Police did not say in the report where in Darlington the victim wastaken.

Once in Darlington, the men pulled the victim out of the car and Kornegan struck him again with the bat, police said.

The victim, David L. Jones, got away from the men and he fled from the scene, police said. He was treated and released from Harford Memorial Hospital.

Crimes county police agencies said they investigated last week include:


Route 22 and Beards Hill Road: A $31,000 Mercedes Benz was stolen from Harco Oldsmobile on April 12, town police said.


1300 block Continental Drive: 150 metal brakeshoes worth $1,350 were stolen from Spectran Inc. on April 8, the Sheriff's Department said.

1300 block Governor Court: Tools and extension cords, worth $1,075, were stolen from a parked vehicle on April1, the Sheriff's Department said.

Bel Air

1200 block Athens Court: Aluminum panels for building foundations were stolen from a parking lot on April 5, the Sheriff's Department said. The panels, worth $11,525, are owned by Mel's Masonry Inc. of Street.

400 block Thomas Run Road: Computer equipment worth $3,100 was stolen from a Harford Community College building, the Sheriff's Department said. The burglary occurred Feb. 27, but was reported April 5.

Sports equipment worth $660 was stolen from the HCC Susquehanna Center, the Sheriff's Department said. The burglary occurred between March 13 and 15, but was reported on April 5.

300 block Wheel Road: A gun, cash and jewelry, $1,455, were stolen from a house April 11, the Sheriff's Department said.

1200 block Brighton Lane: Binoculars, camera equipment, a computer and a briefcase, worth $2,095, were stolen from a parked car April 6, the Sheriff's Department said.

900 block Bergen Lane: Two videocassette recorders, a video game unit, camera equipment, compact discs, speakers and a radar detector, worth $3,105, were stolen from a house April 3, the Sheriff's Department said.

2000 block White House Road: Six Paulownia trees were stolen and four others damaged April 4, the Sheriff's Department said. Loss totaled $9,350.

2100 block Fountain Green Road: Revolvers and a 9mm weapon, worth $1,580, were stolen from Gunpowder Firearms on April 4, the Sheriff's Department said.

100 block North Tollgate Road: A floor jack, citizensband radio, speakers and 100 cassette tapes, worth $1,335, were stolen from a parked car April 1, the Sheriff's Department said.


Route 24 and Edgewood Road: A 1990 Ford pickup worth $15,100 was stolen from a commuter parking lot April 13, the Sheriff's Department said.

1300 block Acorn Ridge Court: A 1987 Buick worth $15,000 was stolen April 3, the Sheriff's Department said.

2000 block Pulaski Highway: A 1987 Chrysler worth $6,000 was stolen April 2, the Sheriff's Department said.

500 block Crownwood Court: Credit cards,cash, videocassette tapes, record albums and beer steins, worth $725, were stolen from a house April 9, the Sheriff's Department said.


2700 block Fallston Road: A $500 lawn mower was stolen from Courtland Hardware on April 14, the Sheriff's Department said.

Havre de Grace

Unit block Bourbon Street: 18 boats docked at Tidewater Marina were burglarized between March 31 and April 3, city police said. Police did not say what was stolen from the boats or give a value of the stolen items.


900 block Pulaski Highway: An outboard motor was stolen from a boat stored at the Boat Warehouse onApril 6. A fence was damaged during the burglary. Damage totaled $2,650.

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