Behind-the-scenes Support Pays Off In Gulf


Army Private Drove Truck In Germany

April 21, 1991|By Lewis K. Parson | Lewis K. Parson,Contributing writer

When soldiers departed their European stations for Saudi Arabia, a monumental support effort was launched to supply and maintain the tools of war.

Army Pfc. Trina D. Jennings, 19, daughter of William Jennings Jr. of Odenton, played a crucial role in that support.

A motor transit operator with the 41st Transportation Company in Mannhiem, Germany, Jennings contributed to the success of Desert Storm from afar.

"I drive a truck transporting supplies to and from their destination anywhere in Germany," said the 1989 graduate of Seneca Valley High School, Germantown.

Jennings' unit is part of the 3rd Corps Support Command headquartered in Wiesbaden.

The major command encompasses a variety of sub-units that provide everything from aircraft to food -- and the people to repair the planes and cook the food.

While some of the Germany-based soldiers made the trek to theMiddle East, thousands of others fixed equipment, shipped ammunitionand supplies and prepared their medical communities for the worst.

Of the many lessons learned from the conflict, one opinion shared by all is that unlike our foes, the ability of the allied forces to feed troops and fix equipment, often on the run, was critical in combat.

"I transported ammunition and supplies being sent to Saudi Arabia. I was tired and scared of not knowing what was going to happen next," Jennings said.

Jennings said the war has led her to re-examineher military career, and when her hitch is up, she will become a civilian.

"The war affected me in more ways than I thought it would. It didn't hit me in the face until the fighting actually began, but it gave me a chance to see our military leaders put to the test."

Lewis Parson is a writer for the Army and Air Force features unit.

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