Support Groups Can Help

April 21, 1991

Here is a list of some support groups in Anne Arundel County:


* Metaphysical Support Group -- For people seeking a support group to help them in life after attending a 12-step program or Forum, Lifespring, Inward Bound or Insight. Information: 760-1546, 969-7919 or944-4542.

* Psychiatric Support -- Open to all area residents with psychiatric problems, as well as families and friends of psychiatric patients or anyone interested in mental illness. Information: 787-4628.

* Alcoholics Anonymous -- For alcoholics. Information: 433-4843 and 268-5441.

* Children of Alcoholics -- A support group for those who grew up with a problem drinker. Information: 766-1984.

* Overeaters Anonymous -- Support for those with eating disorders. P.O.Box 57, Crownsville, Md. 21032.

* Co-dependents Anonymous -- 12-step support group for men and women whose common problem is an inability to form healthy and functional relationships. Based on the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous program. Information: 938-0330.

* Al-Anon Family Groups -- Support groups for families touched by alcoholism. Information: 766-1984.


* Arthritis Foundation -- Support for those with arthritis. Information: 544-5433 or 544-4812.

* GlenBurnie La Leche League -- Breast-feeding support group for mothers. Information: 437-9507.

* Eating Disorders Support -- Support groupmeeting led by professionals to encourage personal commitment to recovery. Open to people with anorexia and/or bulimia, and family and friends.Information: 332-9800.

* Diabetic Support Group -- Diabetic support group for high school and college age diabetics and friends.Information: 987-8281.

* Cancer support group -- All cancer patients, family and friends welcome. Information: 261-6000 or 721-4304.

* Overeaters Anonymous -- Support for those with eating disorders. P.O. Box 57, Crownsville, Md. 21032.

* Take Off Pounds Sensibly --Weight-loss group. Information: 636-8853.


* Cancer Support -- Ongoing support for cancer patients, their family members andfriends. Information: 224-5800.

* Parents Without Partners -- Annapolis Chapter 618. Free new-members orientation. For those parents without partners. Social support. Information: 987-5722 or 987-3270.

* Co-Dependents Anonymous -- 12-step support group for men and women whose common problem is an inability to form healthy and functionalrelationships. Information: 938-0330.

* TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) -- Learn to control your weight. Information: 956-5643.

* Overeaters Anonymous -- Support for those with eating disorders. P.O. Box 57, Crownsville, Md. 21032.

* New and Expectant Mothers -- Meet with other mothers and discuss the joys and trials of becoming a new parent. Information: 647-1500.

* Single Again -- Weekly support for the divorced or separated. New members welcome. Information: 721-2313.

* Al-Anon Family Groups -- Support for family and friends ofalcoholics. Information: 766-1984.

* Al-Anon Family Groups -- Support and assistance for those with alcoholic parents. Information: 766-1984.

* Naranon -- Group to lend help and support to families ofaddicts. Information: 876-4316.


* Healing the Inner Child Support Group -- Free support group for people with compulsive behaviors. Information: 266-7579.

* Desert Storm Support Groups --for families and friends of service personnel at Stratton Hall at the Navy Family Service Center in Annapolis. Information: 267-2641. Fort Meade offers support through Army Community Services. Information: 677-3418. Single parents with children in the Gulf can meet in Millersville. Information: 647-1737 or 987-2410.

* Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association (DRADA) -- Support group for depressives, manic depressives, and their relatives in the Annapolis area. Information: 757-2160 or 757-1198.

* Smokers Anonymous -- Support group for smokers to quit smoking. Information: 974-8186.

* American Cancer Society -- Cancer support group for cancer patients, familyand friends. Information: 721-4304 or 261-6000.

* Healing JourneySupport Group -- Regular weekly meeting for adults who have experienced the loss of a spouse through death. Information: 721-2313.

* Overeaters Anonymous -- Support for those with eating disorders. Several locations in the county. P.O. Box 57, Crownsville, 21032.

* Widows Support Group -- Support group for widowed people. Learn the stages of the grief process and get help toward growth and recovery. Information: 721-2313 or 464-0334.

* Single Again -- Weekly support group for people experiencing marital separation or divorce. Information: 721-2313.

* Baby Talk Support Group -- Mothers and caretakers of children up to age 4 invited to this free support group. Information: 360-8734.


* Bowie/Crofton MS Support Group -- People with or care-givers for MS meet for support. Information: 793-3896 or 721-1537.

* Anne Arundel County Ostomy Association -- Support group for anyone who has had ostomy surgery. Information: 766-7623 or 255-1934.

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