Estate Seminar


April 21, 1991

The Southern Maryland Branch of the Arthritis Foundation is offeringa seminar on Estate Planning, presented by local attorney John Strange.

Topics that will be covered in the seminar include:

* Advantages of having a will

* Joint ownership of property

* Federal and state death taxes

* Reducing taxes by charitable gift and estate planning

If you are interested in hosting this seminar at your club or organization, please write to the Arthritis Foundation or call 544-5433.


North Arundel Hospital will mail its Emergency Medical Information Guide to area residents free of charge. The guide was designed by the hospital's EmergencyDepartment and when completed, informs emergency medical personnel of the patient's current medication, dosage and frequency of usage.

Often patients cannot remember what medications they are currently taking and this wallet-size card is useful to health care workers in treating patients. Information should be printed in pencil so changes can be made as necessary.

Information: 787-4367.


North Arundel Hospital will mail Maryland Poison Control's Mr. Yuk stick-ons and/or emergency poison control number telephone tags to area residents free of charge.

The Mr. Yuk stickers are a poison warning system used by many poison centers in the United States. Parents are advised to put these stickers on dangerous items within the home so children will stay away from these harmful items. The telephonestickers provide the Maryland Poison Center's emergency service phone numbers for parents who may need assistance regarding a potential or accidental poisoning. Information: 787-4367.


TheSouthern Maryland Branch of the Arthritis Foundation has developed aProfessional Speakers Bureau to help people learn about and understand the serious nature of arthritis.

Doctors and other health professionals will be available to speak to local community clubs, organizations, and other interested groups.

Talks can be from 20 to 30 minutes, followed by a question and answer period, and will cover a variety of topics that relate to arthritis and its medical, social, and emotional implications.

If you would be interested in requesting aspeaker for your club or organization, please write for a brochure to the Southern Maryland Branch of the Arthritis Foundation at 22 Truckhouse Road, Severna Park, Md. 21146. Information: 544-5433.


The Diabetic Education Program, for diabetics and theirfamilies, is offered by Anne Arundel Medical Center and provides one-hour private counseling sessions scheduled at the diabetic's convenience. The $35 sessions are at the hospital.

The program offers patients and their families support and counseling. Individual sessions with a registered nurse cover foot and skin care, insulin injections,reactions and complications, and more.

Diabetics currently under physician care are eligible. Family members are encouraged to attend.

Information and registration: 267-1239.


NorthArundel Hospital is the first Maryland hospital to offer the Cardiovue CFS-100 Mobile Fluouroscopic System, designed to help physicians with procedures such as installation of temporary pacemakers. The fluoroscopic unit will give a clear video display of the location of the pacemaker.

Information: 787-4367.


Because many medical emergencies happen away from home or while children are in the care of others, North Arundel Hospital has designed an Emergency Medical Consent Form to authorize emergency medical treatment for a child while he or she is in a guardian's custody.

Information: 787-4367.

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