Service Clubs Worth The Struggle

April 21, 1991|By Ormand Cunningham Guest columnist

On March 25, the Taylorsville-Winfield Lions Club celebrated their 37 years of community service in memory of Lion Dave Will.

Our guest speaker for the evening was the principal of South Carroll High School, Dave Booz. It was an excellent program, with 36 of our members and their wives attending. If you have a teen-ager attending South Carroll and get a chance to speak with Booz, please do so.

I know our communities throughout Carroll County are changing every day, with the building of new homes, highways, schools and stores.With the mortgages, car payments, ensuring that the children get to the right appointment on time, our patience and money have a tendencyto get on the thin side.

Throughout the year, all of the local service clubs struggle -- and sometimes get on each other's nerves, since most of us are small clubs. And sometimes we wonder if it is worththe time and effort we put into our Lions Club.

At a dinner last week at Friendly Farms Restaurant, the Carroll County Lions Club members and their guests learned more about the Leader Dog Program for which we raise money.

We looked at all the people and organizations that we, the Taylorsville-Winfield Lions, have helped in our small community in just the past year; then you will see that being a Lion ismore than just worth the time and effort.

We have helped pay the expenses of a woman with bone cancer to go to Washington State Hospital to have special surgery performed.

The T/W Lions paid for a young father to have an eye exam and receive glasses so he would be ableto continue to drive and support his family.

We have donated money so a young boy from New Windsor may have a chance of having a livertransplant.

We have supported our local Boy Scout Troop 733 with a donation so they may go to a high adventure camp this summer.

The club has paid for a couple of young children's eye exams and glasses so that they would be able to do better in school.

Other projects are:

The Taylorsville/Winfield Lions Park off Old Liberty Road, where so many fond memories are made of a child's first time to play youth baseball and form friendships that may last a lifetime.

The number of eyeglasses that have been collected to be redistributed to the needy of the world.

The support of the Winfield Fire Department by working one of its food booths during Carnival Week in July.

The new Lions Club Scholarship Fund for a South Carroll student (moreto come on this).

The food baskets and flowers that are provided during the Christmas season.

The money given so that a wheelchair lift could be installed in a van for a single mother to transport herchild.

The support of money so that a child could have new leg braces to help her walk more efficiently.

The support of the Maryland State Police Teddy Bear Program.

The money to help the Warrior wrestling team.

The money donated to WTTR's support for our troops in Saudi Arabia.

The time and effort and money to support Sight Conservation.

The support of South Carroll Band Boosters.

The support of such medical equipment as crutches, wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers and such.

To continue to support these types of programs and projects through next year, our budget is somewhat thin. So ourclub will start to sell tickets for our two major fund-raisers: the Lucky 200 Club and the Jackpot Raffle Night.

I hope when you are approached by one of our members that you'll remember some of the above and not turn your back on him. Remember, the money we collect staysin the community.

If you are not contacted and would like to get some tickets, please call either Lion George Gaffney at 875-4006 or Lion Orm Cunningham at 875-4063, and they will have someone get them to you.

Birthdays for April: April 4, Lion Dennis Collins; April 7,Lion Mark Fleming.

Ormand Cunningham is a member of the Taylorsville/Winfield Lions Club.

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