Comfort As Style


April 21, 1991|By Yolanda Garfield

This Roland Park penthouse, home for the past 11 years to Baltimore artist Charlotte Kaufman and husband Albert, an insurance claims executive, is full of the collected treasures of a lifetime: an eclectic mix of paintings, antiques, carvings and baskets from around the world. It's a comfortable place despite the boxy rooms and cold light streaming through the many windows. Credit the soft carpet and upholstered furniture for warming up the rooms.

Speaking of upholstered furniture, the couple have been told by some of their interior designer friends that they have too much. Ms. Kaufman concedes that they probably do, but she has decided to stick with their choices. "I like the fact that we can go anywhere [in the house] and be comfortable, because comfort is a style in itself," she says.

A design challenge that the Kaufmans resolved was where to place their various collections. "We wanted to incorporate the [window] views with our belongings without causing a visual battle," says Ms. Kaufman. To this end, treasures were placed on bookcases and tables. They are within easy reach so they may be used rather than allowed to sit primly as untouchable objets d'art. The happy result is a marriage of vista and the Kaufmans' personal interior-design vision: a penthouse with a style of its own.

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