From The Sun April 21-27, 1841April 22: Eastern District...


April 21, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun April 21-27, 1841

April 22: Eastern District -- A jolly tar went rather more than "half seas over," run aground in the street and was towed into watch-house harbor. Edwin Jackson was found enjoying the comforts of the pavement.

April 26: The extensive mill of Henry White, Esq., was entirely consumed by fire about 3 o'clock in the morning. It is situated near Falls Road, 4 miles from Baltimore. The mill had just undergone a thorough repair.

From The Sun April 21-27, 1891

April 24: Wagons piled high with boxes, cases and bundles containing the first large installment of the J. Thomas Scharf historical collection to be delivered to the Johns Hopkins University drew up to the doors of the institution yesterday.

April 25: Work is progressing on the cut-off on the B. and O. R.R. from St. Denis to Elkridge Landing, and earth from the Belt Line Tunnel is being used in making the embankments. This cut will shorten the time between Baltimore and Washington five minutes.

From The Sun April 21-27, 1941

April 25: A strike of CIO workers at the Glenn L. Martin Company's Middle River plant, which has a backlog of orders exceeding $450,000,000 for military aircraft for the United States and Great Britain, was called last night.

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