Betting: Hearts say Foreman, heads Holyfield

April 19, 1991

The little bettors like challenger George Foreman, but the big bettors are putting their money on Evander Holyfield in tonight's heavyweight title fight in Atlantic City, N.J.

"The guys serious about betting are betting Holyfield," said Russ Culver, sports book manager at The Mirage hotel-casino. "The bets we're getting on Foreman are sentimental bets. They're betting $20, $50 or $100. They're not betting the rent money."

Holyfield, who opened as a 4 1/2 -1 favorite when the fight was made, was still a 3-1 favorite yesterday at The Mirage.

Even with the lower odds, a bettor still would have to put up $36,000 to win $10,000 on Holyfield. A Foreman bettor, on the other hand, could put up $10,000 to win $26,000.

If a bettor really wanted some odds, he could get bet $10 and win $220 on 22-1 odds that Foreman will win by a 12-round decision.

* Muhammad Ali picks Foreman to win.

"Foreman in six. Just don't take it to the bank," said Ali, 49. "If he wins, I'll jump in the ring and challenge him. I'll come back with rope-a-dope. . . . I retired, but I'm still a good show."

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