'Crabs' creator ponders future

April 19, 1991|By Steve McKerrow

Syndication to non-public TV stations, weekly rerun screenings on Maryland Public Television or re-editing of old shows into special editions are among the possible continued lives for "Crabs," the locally produced MPT comedy show whose last scheduled airing is due May 1.

"Anything could happen," says producer/writer/co-creator Dick George, including a chance at continued production of the 7-year-old pastiche of local and national skits.

George said this week that while the show's original partial underwriter, Baltimore Spice Co. (makers of Old Bay crab seasoning), has not withdrawn its support, MPT officials have decided not to continue funding the balance of production costs.

Until this season, when it moved to tape, the show aired live every six weeks or so, frequently paired with the PBS "Mark Russell Comedy Special."

"Relative to other local programs, it was deemed to be expensive," says George, adding, "Hey, it's been a good run."

Although the long time between airings made it difficult for viewers to always find the show, "fortunately, a large audience has found us."

Last October's edition of the show, he says, had ratings higher than any other show on MPT except the heralded PBS documentary "The Civil War."

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