New releasesThe following videocassettes are slated for...


April 19, 1991|By Los Angeles Times Syndicate

New releases

The following videocassettes are slated for release Sunday:


Cooley High" (no price listed, Orion Home Video) 1975. Directed by Michael Schultz. Starring Glynn Turman, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Garrett Morris, Corin Rogers. Two teen-agers are arrested after an innocent joy ride.

The Ivory Hunters" ($79.98, Turner Home Entertainment) 1990. Directed by Joseph Sargent. Starring Isabella Rossellini, John Lithgow, James Earl Jones. An investigator, a biologist and a police inspector battle ivory hunters.

Jesus of Montreal" oc,9,9.6(no price listed, Orion Home Video) 1989. Directed by Denys Arcand. Starring Lothaire Bluteau, Gilles Pelletier, Johanne-Marie Tremblay. A priest gets several actors to put on a new version of the Passion Play.

May Fools" (no price listed, Orion Home Video) 1990. Directed by Louis Malle. Starring Michel Piccoli, Miou-Miou, Henry-LeClerc, Renaud Danner. A family gathers during the funeral of its matriarch.

Monkey Hustle" (no price listed, Orion Home Video) 1977. Directed by Arthur Marks. Starring Yaphet Kotto, Kirk Calloway, Randy Brooks, Thomas Carter. Residents of a Chicago ghetto join together to stop a freeway from being built through the middle of their town.

Monsieur Hire" (no price listed, Orion Home Video) 1990. Directed by Patrice Leconte. Starring Michel Blanc, Andre Wilms, Sandrine Bonnaire. A loner and peeping Tom happens to be the prime suspect in a murder.

Rocky V" ($92.98, MGM/UA Home Video) 1990. Directed by John G. Avildsen. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Sage Stallone. The final chapter in the popular saga finds Rocky returning to his Philadelphia neighborhood after his crooked accountant leaves him bankrupt.

Skokie" ($89.95, Academy Entertainment) 1981. Directed by Herbert Wise. Starring Brian Dennehy, Danny Kaye, John Rubinstein, Eli Wallach. Nazi death camp survivors protest when a group of neo-Nazis decide to march through town.

Time to Kill" ($89.98, Republic Pictures Home Video) 1990. Directed by Guilliano Montaldo. Starring Nicolas Cage, Giancarlo Giannini, Robert Liensol. A soldier has a passionate affair with a woman who has leprosy.

Texasville" (no price listed, RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video) 1990. Directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Starring Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Annie Potts, Timothy Bottoms. Sequel "The Last Picture Show" visits the citizens of the small Texas town in the 1980s.

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