Aacc's Springer Appeals Suspension

April 18, 1991|By Staff report

The suspension of Anne Arundel Community College physical education instructor Bruce Springer on charges of making student records publicwithout permission is pending the completion of a grievance procedure.

Springer received the one year without pay suspension followinga college investigation ordered by President Thomas E. Florestano after transcripts for basketball players James Sharps and Butch Williams were sent anonymously to the National Junior College Athletic Association and others outside the college in February.

Springer referred questions to his attorney, James P. Nolan.

"Professor Springer received a letter from the college saying that he was being suspended for allegedly committing some acts, and we do notagree with the decision, so he has requested a grievance hearing, and it is now on appeal," Nolan said.

Florestano said, "Anybody has a right to appeal when the administration takes action against an employee, but the faculty has a whole different system of employment. Ifthis person had not been atenured faculty member, he would have beendismissed and would have had the right through the courts to appeal.

"As a tenured faculty member, he has a grievance procedure prescribed by college policies for him to follow. But it isn't going to end here."

Grievances of this type are heard by a faculty senate committee, Florestano said.

"And if he doesn't like the outcome of it, he can appeal to me; then, if he doesn't like my decision, then he can appeal to the board of trustees at the college," Florestano said.

After the NJCAA received the transcripts of the two basketball players, the NJCAA determined that Sharps, who played for the team while making up work during the school's mini-semester, was ineligible until completion of that mini-semester.

Sharps did not meet the minimum academic requirements during the regular fall semester, which isrecognized by the NJCAA. Mini-semesters are not recognized by NJCAA regulations.

The NJCAA said it was a minor violation and did not affect Anne Arundel's playing in a Division II postseason tournament, although Sharps had to sit out the first two games but was allowed back for the championship game.

Anne Arundel also had to forfeit twoprevious wins.

While Sharps was declared ineligible, Williams wascleared.

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