Modeling The Ups, Downs Of Long Hair

April 18, 1991|By Carrie Donovan | Carrie Donovan,New York Times News Service :

Now that long hair is back in style, let's discuss where it's going.At first, the trend seemed to be to pile it up in a loose beehive, as Ivana Trump did last year. But judging from the models at the fall fashion shows in New York last week, the movement is now reversed. For sure, long hair is the way to go, but the direction is down.

One model after another breezed down the runway with luxurious locks tumbling and bouncing well below their shoulders. Sometimes the hair was straight and smooth. More often, it flowed in a soft way, with wisps and tendrils all about.

Straight or wavy, the coiffure always has a definite side part. And that is what takes it from the old familiar tossed-about look to a more stylish one.

What is interesting is how well a long mane goes with day as well as evening clothes. The new tweed suits, with their softer pleated or twirly skirts, look particularly fresh topped with this tumbleweed coif.

Some things to keep in mind: long hair must always be sparkling clean and look as though it has just been brushed. Sunglasses are a good accessory, adding another dollop of glamour. And this coiffure is best for the young and handsome.

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