5 Terps help capture suspect in break-inFive University of...

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April 17, 1991

5 Terps help capture suspect in break-in

Five University of Maryland football players helped capture a suspect after a break-in at their Kent Hall suite early Monday morning.

"I heard someone playing with my door," Tony Strano, a 6-foot-5, 295-pound senior offensive tackle, told the campus newspaper, The Diamondback. "He turned the light on, and I got up. I saw this guy walking out and slammed the door and wouldn't let him out." Ronnie Staffileno, a 6-3, 245-pound offensive guard, heard his teammate yelling about a burglar and called police. "He [Strano] had him cornered in the living room," Staffileno said.

Enter wide receiver David Terranova and two other players. "I had him in a headlock." Terranova told the newspaper. "I got to cuff him." After a struggle, police, with the aid of the players, arrested Adrian Williams, 37, a Washington man who is not affiliated with the campus.

Police said Williams, who had about 50 keys on him at his arrest, is a suspect in a string of burglaries in the College Park area.

TC "He broke into the wrong suite," Strano said.

Pro football

Former Los Angeles Raiders defensive end Lyle Alzado, 6-3, 265 pounds, was arrested yesterday in Los Angeles after allegedly struggling with Linda Armstrong, a deputy Los Angeles County marshal, who sprayed him with Mace, authorities said. Alzado, 42, was treated at a hospital and booked at the sheriff's Marina Del Rey substation for investigation of battery on a peace officer.

Armstrong, 5-5, 110 pounds, appeared at Alzado's doorstep about 7 a.m. to serve civil court papers regarding a business deal. Alzado objected to being disturbed so early in the morning, deputies said.


The possible introduction of blood tests at the Olympics to detect use of banned substances is being studied, an Olympic official said. Blood tests are being considered because the urine analysis currently used may be unable to detect certain drugs.


British heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno underwent an eye operation yesterday in London to repair a torn retina thought to have been inflicted during his world title defeat by Mike Tyson more than two years ago. Bruno, one of Britain's most popular athletes, has refused to rule out a return to the ring despite lucrative personal and show-business appearances since the Tyson fight.

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