Fleet Fingers Face Off At Ccc Typing Derby

Top Typist Reaches Cruising Speed Of 118 Wpm

April 17, 1991|By Staff report

WESTMINSTER — Carroll Community College's fifth annual Typing Derby April 24 will see both the new and the old: a new location, but some repeat contestants.

This year's event will begin at 12:30 p.m. at the new campus, 1601 Washington Road.

It also is expected, as in the past, to attract new typists as well as those who have participated in other derbys.

Derby coordinator and instructor, Jean Wroe said the derby was designed with categories for college and community participants at beginning, intermediateand highly experienced levels. In that way, entrants may progress toa higher category.

Last year's event attracted 47 participants from CCC's students and staff, county government, businesses and high schools.

For Carole Scott, executive secretary for the executive dean at CCC, the derby is competition.

"Sure, I'm nervous at first,"she said. "But once I've typed a few lines, I calm down and enjoy myself."

This is Scott's fifth derby and fifth attempt at being the event's top winner. She has won three out of four times in the Super Typist category (over 100 words per minute).

"The third year, I had just returned from maternity leave and was a bit rusty," she said by way of explaining her one loss. "At least, that's the excuse I madeup for myself.

"So I was very happy when I was able to recapture the title."

Scott added that typists run in her family.

"My mother, who types at least 80 wpm, would have surpassed me long ago if she had had the advantages of electronic typewriters or computer keyboards," Scott said. "My sister and I followed in mom's footsteps; we're all typists."

She credits her North Carroll High School typing teacher, Barbara Yingling, with her ability.

"Miss Yingling taught all three of us," Scott noted.

While Scott has remained in the same category over the years, Wroe noted that Scott has improved from 102 to 118 words per minute last year.

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