Lover Shopping Seminar to take place in Hunt Valley


April 17, 1991|By LAURA CHARLES

"LOVE IS JUST a hello away," says Dr. Martin Gallatin, author of "Lover Shopping: How to Be Married One Year From Today." Dr. Gallatin will present his Lover Shopping Seminar at Hunt Valley Mall's Single Mingle, a festival for singles on May 30 from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. The event's a fund-raiser for the Maryland Food Committee and appropriately enough, Francis Anthony, the "Love Chef," who's a regular on the "Regis and Kathie Lee" show, will be on hand to whip up some romantic recipes.

SPEAKING OF MARRIAGE, one of the Big Crab's last holdouts, sexy Susan Green, the blond bombshell attorney who specializes in divorce, is finally tying the knot this weekend with Canadian entrepreneur Sid Green at the Baltimore Grand. The lovebirds met months back when, while checking into the El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico, there was some confusion over whose luggage belonged to whom! Well, at least they won't have to worry about changing the monograms on their towels!

TICKETS ARE STILL available for the Grant a Wish Foundation's eighth annual benefit tomorrow at 6 p.m. at Martin's West. Special guest is CNN's ace reporter, John Holliman, who's brought an original poster from Baghdad of Saddam Hussein, which will be auctioned along with 200 other collectibles. Call 242-1549.

DICK MARTIN and Pat Kahoe from the Club Charles are asking folks to volunteer this Sunday to clean the Jones Falls in celebration of Earth Day. Wear your work clothes and meet at the picnic tables north of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum at noon. . . . Meanwhile singer Richie Havens will be performing Sunday at a special Earth Day concert at Druid Hill Park.

Baltimore's own Eddie Edick is on his way to Los Angeles as one of eight finalists to compete in the national finals of the Southern Comfort Great Shooters Mini-Basketball tomorrow night. Edick, 27, a regional manager for a construction company who lives in Reisterstown, claimed the South Regional title in Orlando in overtime with 18 points, after winning the Maryland State Championship. We wish him luck!

SPIED AT THE Polo Grill having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frenkil and Dr. Levi Watkins, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and her assistant, Elaine Steele. Parks is to be honored this Saturday night at the Kennedy Center when "America Salutes Rosa Parks."

AND FINALLY, the Hair Ball hosted by John Waters at the Maryland Art Place on April 27 is already sold out! Over 500 people have responded to this first hair-raising extravaganza and no more checks can be accepted.

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