Nursery Schoolers Hop To The Top Of Fund-raising Heap


April 16, 1991|By Rosalie M. Falter

It looks like the children at the St. John's Nursery School of Linthicum out-hopped the Easter Bunny last month.

They did such an outstanding job on "Hopathon Day" that they raised $10,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Laurie Brady, president of the Parent Council, said this is the third year the school has participated in the program. Each year the 3- and 4-year-old children solicit pledges and money is collected and sent to the MDA, but this year Brady said the children out-did themselves.

They are to date the largest fund-raisers at any school in Maryland. They were recognized last Friday at the school by MDA officials.

Certificates and individual awards were presented to all 116 children who participated. The "top hoppers" gave a demonstration -- hopping on two feet just like a bunny -- to the sound of some lively music.

The top hopper in the 4-year-old class was Amanda Mende, who raised an amazing amount $524.84.

Josh Sockriter was the top hopper in the 3-year-old class, coming up with the large sum of $406.70.

Sisters Alissa and Audrey Nagle raised $508.98.

Other outstanding hoppers were: Andrew Brady, Armand Citroni, Phil Erickson, Justin Kennedy, Becky Dixon, Ryan Dupaya, Christopher and Lauryn Wise, Lyndsay Stauffer, Charlie Perry, Chase Hardesty and Elyse Lombardie.

Jane Soverns, director of the nursery school for 23 years, said that when she first heard about this program she thought it would be a goodeducational experience for the children.

They learned about fund-raising, and it changed their outlook toward the handicapped.

"I liked the material the MDA sent," she said. "This was a charity event that helped the children understand the handicapped better. It wasn'tlike we knew anyone but did it just to be nice."

Soverns thinks that the children's enthusiasm and achievement should be recognized. She said she was thrilled when they counted up the money in and came up with $9,996.48.

"But, I couldn't stand it. I quickly ran for my checkbook and wrote out a check for $3.52 to make it an even $10,000," she added.

It is a policy of the MDA that 90 percent of the money collected goes toward the cause and 10 percent is given back to thestudents and the school in the form of certificates and prizes. The school receives a television and VCR as part of the prize.

St. John's Nursery School is at St. John's Lutheran Church, 300 W. Maple Road in Linthicum.

Classes for 3-year-olds meet two times a week on Tuesday's and Thursday's for two hours and 15 minutes. The 4-year-oldsmeet Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 1/2 hours. If interested in the co-op nursery please call 859-1812.


Greg Ugiansky, an Eagle Scout with Troop 55, will be working on a project to earn the Hornaday Award for conservation from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday. He is looking for help in planting 600 white pine seedlings at Overlook Park. The seedlings were donated by the Department of Natural Resources.

The trees will be planted to provide a sound barrier for Baltimore Beltway traffic noise. Volunteers are asked to bring a shovel andjugs of water. Planting will be postponed to next Saturday only if there is a downpour of rain.

Directions to the park are: Take B & A Boulevard to Nursery Road, left on Colonial Avenue, right on Linda Avenue, left on Milton Avenue and follow to the Overlook Park.


A magician illusionist is coming to Ferndale.

Bring the whole family to the George Cromwell Elementary School at 7:30 p.m. Friday for a special treat. John Dodge will put on a magic show that is sure to baffle all. Tickets are sold at the door, $2.50 adults and $2 for children.

The Airport Coordinating Team is sponsoring this fund-raiser, one of a series the group has to raise money for its legal fund.

For further information, please call 859-3509 or 396-8686.


How convenient: Two flea markets planned for Saturday, April 27, and both in the same neighborhood.

The first one is sponsored by the United Methodist Women at Ferndale United Methodist Church, Hollins Ferry and Ferndale Roads. Selling begins at 9 a.m. and continues until 3 p.m. No early birds, please.

Children's clothing, one of the most popular tables from past flea markets will be available again. Alsolook for the bake table, with lots of homemade goodies, hot dogs, beverages and pit beef available at 10:30 a.m.

You will find the second flea market not far away at George Cromwell Elementary School, 525 Wellham Ave. It is sponsored by Cromwell's Parent Teacher Association from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tables will be set up in the multipurposeroom and will feature the usual flea market items, along with a baketable. Hot dogs and drinks will be sold.

Some table space is still available for rent $10 for one, or $15 for two. For reservations call Lou Ann Trader at 760-4134. All money go toward paying for the school's instructional needs.


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