MPT will unveil co-productions

April 16, 1991

Maryland Public Television will unveil several new international co-productions next week in Cannes, France.

The productions include: "Europe: Road to Unity," a look at what it will take for a "united Europe" to succeed after 1992; "Caught in the Crossfire," which examines the role of U.N. peacekeeping forces; "Seapower: A Global Journey," which traces the link between command of the seas and the rise and fall of nations; and "Legacy," the rise of urban civilizations analyzed from East Asian and Central American perspectives.

Raymond K. K. Ho, president of MPT, said the goal of participating in the French showcase is to help sell MPT's programs overseas and to continue to attract foreign partners and funding to the state. The theme of MPT's involvement, Mr. Ho said, will be: "Maryland is your new partner in America."

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