Foreman tries to corner Dundee

April 15, 1991|By Alan Goldstein | Alan Goldstein,Sun Staff Correspondent

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- George Foreman has requested the help of renowned boxing trainer Angelo Dundee for his fight against heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield on Friday night.

Dundee was in Muhammad Ali's corner in Zaire, Oct. 30, 1974, when Ali employed his unorthodox "Rope-a-dope" tactics to wear down Foreman and regain the heavyweight title with an eighth-round knockout.

"Getting Angelo to work with him was George's idea," a Foreman spokesman said. "But the contract hasn't been finalized. We should have it done by [today]."

Former light-heavyweight champion Archie Moore also helps to train Foreman. But Moore, in his late 70s, cannot climb the stairs to the ring between rounds.

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