Cabbie Testing, Job Security Bills On Agenda

April 15, 1991|By Staff report

The Annapolis City Council's Rules Committee will vote on bills tonight that would give city department heads job security and require cab drivers to take drug tests.

The bill to protect department directors was proposed by Alderman Ellen O. Moyer, D-Ward 8. Most department heads can be dismissed by the mayor without cause; under Moyer's bill, department heads could be removed only for official misconduct, conviction of a crime or poor performance.

Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins opposes Moyer's proposal.

Alderman Wayne C. Turner, R-Ward 6, proposed testing cab drivers for drug use last year. Under the latest version of the bill, cab drivers would be able to decide when they will take the test. They also would be able tohave their private physicians administer the test.

The physician would then certify that the driver was not abusing drugs.

Under earlier versions of the bill, tests would have been performed by the city, which also could require random tests. Turner dropped a proposed fare increase.

Both bills may go to the full council for a vote assoon as next month.

Tonight's meeting will begin at 6:00 in City Hall. Public participation is invited.

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