James Schuyler, 67, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who used...

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April 15, 1991

James Schuyler, 67, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet who used anecdotes and humor to depict urban and rural life, died Friday following a stroke. Often praised for his descriptive poems, Mr. Schuyler set many works in New York, Vermont and Long Island. He belonged to what became known in the 1960s and 1970s as the New York School of Poets. He won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for a 117-page volume of poetry titled "The Morning of the Poem." He was a Guggenheim fellow and a fellow of the American Academy of Poets.

Randolfo Pacciardi, 91, an anti-fascist organizer in Europe and the United States during World War II, died yesterday, news reports in Rome said. Born in Tuscany, Mr. Pacciardi earned three medals as a volunteer in World War I when he was still a teen-ager. Forced to flee Italy in 1927 because of his anti-fascist work, he became one of the leaders of the Italian resistance based in France.

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