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April 14, 1991

Sibling admiration society

UCLA tennis player Stella Sampras was honored as the Daily Bruin Female Athlete of the Week after she won four singles and doubles matches last weekend.

Asked to name her favorite athlete, Sampras said: "My brother, of course. Pete's very down-to-earth. He can do anything he wants with a tennis ball. He has such quick hands."

They were expecting her to name Andre Agassi?

The quote

Goose Gossage, who played in Japan last season and is making a comeback with the Texas Rangers this year: "The Japanese ballparks, they're scary. It's good to be back in these nice, big parks.

"In Japan, they're all like left field in Boston. Left field is like left field at Fenway, center field is like left field at Fenway, right field is like left field at Fenway. They're all the Green Monster."

From ooze to ice

Actor David Warner, who stars in the hit movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II" will portray famed hockey player-coach Lester Patrick in his next role.

Patrick led the New York Rangers to the 1928 Stanley Cup title. A star defenseman, Patrick was 45 and had retired to become a coach when he activated himself to play goalie in place of the fallen Lorue Chabut.

Wonder if the Ninja Turtles role will have toughened Warner enough to play a hockey player?

Error, Bill James

Bill James writes in his 1991 baseball book that outfielder Juan Gonzalez of the Texas Rangers is the No. 1 candidate for American League Rookie of the Year.

Only trouble is, Gonzalez isn't a rookie.

Gonzalez has had 150 major league at-bats over the past two seasons. The rookie limit is 130.

Gone scouting

A delegate to the 1928 Democratic national convention at Houston got bored with the proceedings, went to a ball game and found a star.

The delegate, Dick Kinsella, also was a scout for the New York Giants, then managed by John McGraw.

At the ball park, Kinsella watched Carl Hubbell pitch strongly for the Beaumont team playing Houston. He wired McGraw to buy him, and McGraw did from the Detroit Tigers, who held Hubbell's contract.

The result: a Hall of Fame pitcher who set a number of records, wining 253 games for the Giants.

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