Crimes And Punishment

Harford Delegation Legislative Summary 1991

April 14, 1991

* Bill to permit video poker machines in bars and clubs with liquor licenses -- Killed in Senate Judiciary Committee.

* Bill to permitcivic groups to use slot machines for fund-raising events -- Failed in Senate vote, 22-25.

* Bill to prohibit convicts from owning or carrying firearms -- Passed Senate, 46-0, and the House, 132-0.

* Bill to prohibit people facing criminal charges punishable by a fine of $500 or more from serving on a jury -- Passed the Senate, 47-0, and the House, 129-0.

* Bill to permit people involved in a civil suit which does not require a jury trial to serve on a jury -- Passed the Senate, 47-0, and the House, 137-0.

* Bill to increase the amount convicts pay to thestate Victims of Crime Fund -- Passed the Senate, 42-0, and the House, 124-0.

* Bill to enable crime victims or their representatives to make verbal statements before the state Parole Commission during parole hearings -- Killed in the House Judiciary Committee.

* Bill to require courts to notify crime victims or their representatives ofcourt proceedings and plea agreements -- Killed in the House Judiciary Committee.

* Bill to require courts to notify victims or their representatives when charges against a defendant are dismissed -- Withdrawn.


* Bill to increase fees charged by county sheriff'sdepartments for serving court documents -- Passed Senate, 47-0, and House, 130-1.

* Bill to provide $300,000 for a new facility at theHarford County Equestrian Center for the county Farm Fair -- Passed the House and Senate.

* Bill to allocate a portion of appearance fees paid by attorneys in Harford County to fund the court library andlegal services to low-income residents -- Killed in the House Judiciary Committee.


*Obtained $66.5 million for the county Board of Education, a 10 percent increase over the 1990-91 fiscal year.

*Obtained $5.1 million for Harford Community College, plus $587,000for alterations to college buildings.

*Obtained $3.4 million for a new elementary school on Route 543.

*Obtained $774,000 for the county library system, a 12 percent increase over the last fiscal year.


*Obtained nearly $1.8 million for the county's police departments and volunteer fire companies.


*Obtained $500,000 for improvements to the county's Sod Run sewage treatment plant.

*Obtained $158,500 to acquire five houses to improve flood management at Winters Run near Bel Air.

*Obtained $125,000 for curbside collection of recyclable materials in Bel Air and Havre de Grace.


* Bill to allow pub breweries to operate in Harford County -- Passed the Senate, 47-0, and the House, 127-1.

* A study on a plan to develop a 27-hole public golf course near the SusquehannaState Park -- Tabled.

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