Atholton Raiders

Girls Lacrosse Teams At A Glace

April 14, 1991

Coach: Carol Ann Stevens, first year

1990 record: 1-6 county, 2-10 overall

Returnees: Seniors: Marney Treese (A), Michelle Murphy (D), Jennifer Foreman (D); Juniors: Jennifer Brock (A), Alex Pastine (D), JulieGerhardt (D), Kirsten Kruhm (G)

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Ali Auclair (A), Stasia Skillman (A), Anne Klotsky (C), Dana McGraw (D), Vicki Trott (D); Sophomores: Alison Valentino (A), Missy Schoonmaker (A); Freshman: Lara Dustin (A)

Coach's outlook: "I've got a core of good athletes. The overall skill level is better. I've got more of a base to build the team around. We're clicking more. The only problem I see has to do with a lack of athletic maturity."

Howard CountySun outlook: The Raiders have the building blocks in place for a strong future, and could be a surprise team this year. Treese and Valentino are scoring threats, and Kruhm had an excellent non-league season. Of the four teams that hovered near the bottom of the county standings last year, this could be the one that jumps to the middle of the pack.


Coach: Gail Purcell, fourth year

1990 record: 7-0 county, 13-1 overall

Returnees: Seniors: Megan McGowan (A), Kirsten Sadler (A), Beth Pressler (C)

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Amanda Cox (A), Heather Saunders (M), Lauren Mooney (M), Kristen Lawrence (D), Becky Temple (D), Amy Morrison (D), Meghan Carr (D), Hyun Lee (D), Renee Svehla (G); Sophomores: Sherri Happel (M), Allison Lages (M/A)

Coach's outlook: "We'll be competitive in the county, but this is a down year. We're going to enjoy winning the games we can, and we're not going to panic over the ones we don't. We're goingto be strong next year. We'll be contenders for the next few years."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Eagles have nine new starters, thehighest turnover in Purcell's four years. McGowan, Sadler and Pressler are All-County caliber players, and they should be able to carry the newcomers long enough for the team to mature and still be a factorin the county title chase.


Coach: Ginger Kincaid, fourth year

1990 record: 5-2 county, 9-4 overall

Returnees:Seniors: Kara Meissner (A), Karen Kantowski (M), Marnie Cordisco (A), Kate Brinker (D), Leigh Kessler (D), Jen Anthony (M), Heather Daus (A); Juniors: Sarah Jones (C), Alex Sellner (D)

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Michelle Hooker (D), Jen Soule (D), Jen Anderson (D); Sophomores: Dana Hoffman (G), Heather Shumake (A)

Coach's outlook: "Our line defense graduated last year, but we finally got it set. We have to get out and score fast and let the defense rest a little. And when we get on top, we have to do a better job of keeping the pressure on.As far as the county goes, I think we're in good shape."

HowardCounty Sun outlook: The Gladiators have gotten off to a rough 0-3 start, thanks to two overtime defeats. Look for the young defense to improve and for the Meissner-led offense to get better with each game. Glenelg looks like the best bet to upset Mount Hebron.


Coach: Gay Petrlik, fourth year

1990 record: 1-6 county,3-9 overall

Returnees: Seniors: Audra Paul (G), Kris Mayer (D), Andy Lasonsky (D); Juniors: Autumn Barbosa (M), Jill Jinks (A), Analisa Encinas (A/D), Natasha Lasonsky (A)

Newcomers to watch: Juniors:Danielle Damott (M), Chris Bailey (A), Lauren Choate (D), Erika Schissler (D), Erin Beerman (D/A), Christa Frankos (G); Sophomore: Jill Farrow (A)

Coach's outlook: "Our basic skills have come a long way in a couple of weeks. We're improving rapidly. We're working on team goals, not game result goals. Hopefully, that will bring us some wins."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears are reeling after an 0-3 start in which they've been outscored, 47-10. Half of the starters arevarsity newcomers, and the team's most experienced player, senior goalie Audra Paul, is recovering from a foot fracture that will keep her out of the lineup for at least another week. A .500 season would bea major achievement.


Coach: Jackie French, first year

Returnees: Seniors: Lori Goode (D), Maryann Butler (A), Bridget Repsher (M), Corey Taylor (M), Cathy Cavanaugh (A), Kristen Diddelman(G); Juniors: Emily Petrlik (M), Julie Bowers (M), Kara Gontkovic (D)

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Darlene Richey (M), Laura Seastrum (M), Cindy Yi (M), Jen Coppel (A), Rowena Flores (M), Beth Ampagoomian (D), Gina Bonafiglio (M)

Coach's outlook: "I had to start from the very beginning with the basic skills, and we're still a long way from (matching up with) Mount Hebron and Centennial. But we've shown quite a bit of improvement. If we keep working hard in practice and continue to improve, we should go around .500."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Lions have too much senior experience not to improve on their 0-3 start, which includes a tough 14-13 loss to South Carroll. Petrlik is one of the county's top players, and she could lead the teamto respectability in the county.


Coach: P.J.Kesmodel, fourth year

1990 record: 6-1 county, 12-2 overall

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