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April 14, 1991

Editor's note: Rising costs, fewer state and federal dollars, and falling county revenues have pushed Carroll's deficit over $5 million, spurring immediate cutbacks, reduced work forces and, for the first time, talk of possible layoffs. The Budget Office has directed all county agencies to cut their budgets by 1 percent for fiscal 1991, whichends June 30, and by 2 percent for fiscal 1992. For the first time in more than a decade, Carroll will experience cuts in programs. We have been asking readers where cuts should be made, whether taxes should be increased, and related questions. Here are some of the replies we received:

From: R. G. Tinsley


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

All county agencies' budgets should be cut.

This includes school budget and public health and safety budget.

County employees should be reduced.

The budget should be balanced.


From: Curtis E. Schlicht


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

It seems every time we have an election, the new people that are voted into office have to have moremoney for this or that.

If it weren't for wasting so much, they wouldn't have to beg for more money out of the taxpayers.

Yes, I for one in the county am getting sick of hearing about tax increases for the fat cats.

If these jerks can't balance the budget, someone isn't doing their job. And if they can't balance the budget, they should get a real job and see what it's like to have to work for a living.

There are a lot of people that are having a hard time trying to make ends meet now.

The people of Maryland have a "guy" trying to run the state of Maryland, and he needs a head transplant.

Maybe our county executives need one also.

You're damn right, I am mad.


From: Adam Marion Cook


I do not support any increase in the tax rate for any reason.

Do what is necessary to hold the line on taxes.

Make cuts wherever necessary.


From: Emma Lou Amoss

I do not support a tax increase because times are hard -- freeze all spending and pay raises.

That would avoid job layoffs. Employees would be unhappy, but still have a job, plus insurance and retirement benefits.

As a housewife, I have had to go to alternate sources of protein for my family. For example, substitute ground beef for steaks. Legumes are a good alternate for protein.

Five-minute showers instead of tub baths. Laundry is now being done in cold water.

Many taxpayers are now cutting household expenses to the bone, as I have done. We can no longer support the waste of our elected officials.

Our family has not had a vacation in several yearsbecause it is not in our budget.

Unlike some of the county commissioners (not to mention a name) have done in the past at the taxpayers' expense.

I feel the three commissioners are overpaid for their part-time jobs.

They, as well as some other overpaid officials in Carroll County government, should give back their raises to the county treasury. Also, the privilege of driving county-owned vehicles backand forth to work.

If I operated my household spending as our elected officials have operated in spending taxpayer money, I would haveto declare bankruptcy.

Let the government look at our taxes as anallowance. When the allowance is gone -- no more money!!

Even a 9-year-old can buy that.

Therefore, they must be prudent with our tax money.

I feel an 800 number should be set up so that anyone working for the government can call that number and report any waste that is seen on the job.

When calling, they could be assigned a number. If and when the wastefulness has been verified, they should be rewarded 10 percent and remain unidentified.

It could operate like the Crime Stopper hot line.

It is time for elected officials to learn they are public servants. They should get more mileage out of our tax dollars. We surely deserve better!

How about you retirees? The way the county government has been spending, how are those of you whoare on fixed incomes going to continue to exist in a county that is already being overtaxed.

No. 1, the many fine builders are being taxed with impact fees to build homes affordable to the first-time home buyers.

Therefore, first-time home buyers have gotten smart. They are going to Frederick and Harford counties, because they are getting better homes for less money.

That astronomical impact fee is discounting the very element we wish to attract.

After a while, we will have a county full of retirees who will be footing all of the taxburden.

Elected officials, you are making us taxpayers sick to our stomachs.

Look around, open your eyes. We have had enough of your flagrant disregard for our pocketbooks.

It would seem to me thatany red-blooded American would be tired of your constant "bawling" for more money.

If money had been spent more prudently in the past,we wouldn't have to cut programs now.

However any program, good, bad or indifferent, must come from the taxpayers' pocketbook.

Frankly, mine can't afford more taxes.

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