Lawmakers Try, Try And Try Again With Bills

April 14, 1991|By Legislative Reference/CARROLL COUNTY SUN GRAPHIC

* QUARRIES: Presumes quarry companies liable for damages to water supplies and property near their operations (Delegates Richard N. Dixon, Donald B. Elliott): 1988: Applies only in Carroll County; withdrawnfrom House Judiciary Committee; 1989: Sets sphere of responsibility within 1-mile radius of quarries in Carroll County; passed House, died in Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee; 1990: Requires Departmentof Natural Resources to determine scientifically a "zone of influence" around quarries; applies statewide; killed by House Environmental Matters Committee; a second bill identical to 1989 version introduced; killed by Judiciary; 1991 Requires DNR to delineate "zone of influence"; lessens standard of proof for land damages; applies only in Carroll, Baltimore, Frederick and Washington counties; does not apply tofuture development within zone; passed House and Senate.

* ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES: Requires registration of ATVs; designed to reduce incidents of ATV riders damaging private and public property and make identification easier (Delegate Lawrence A. LaMotte): 1986: killed by House committee; 1987: killed by House Economic Matters Committee; 1988: Adds provision allowing state to use portion of money from registration fee to acquire lands designated for ATV riding; killed by HouseJudiciary Committee; 1989: passed House; died in Senate Rules Committee; 1990: killed by House Judiciary Committee; 1991: killed by Judiciary.

* SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES: Prohibits smoking in certain enclosedareas accessible to the public (Delegate Donald B. Elliott): 1988: Encompasses generically any enclosed area accessible to the public, including workplaces; requires Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to adopt regulations; killed by House Environmental Matters Committee; 1989: Specifies which types of public areas will be included; sets specific standards for non-smoking areas; killed by Environmental Matters; 1990: Delegate Elliott decides against filing bill because of prevailing influences within Environmental Matters; committee composition, including chairman, changes in 1991; 1991: Requires non-smoking areas be designated in certain public places, but sets no specific standards for those areas; killed by Environmental Matters.

* ALCOHOL LICENSE RESTRICTION: Requires Motor Vehicle Administration to placealcohol restriction on drivers' licenses of those convicted of drunken driving for a second or subsequent time; prohibits licensee from driving with any alcohol in his blood or from refusing to take a breath test to measure blood-alcohol concentration (Delegate Richard C. Matthews): 1989: killed by House Judiciary Committee; 1990: killed by Judiciary; 1991: killed by Judiciary.

* MANDATORY SURCHARGE FOR DRUNKEN DRIVING: Assesses a $25 surcharge, in addition to regular penalties, for those convicted of drunken-driving offenses, with proceeds to be used to buy modernized breath-testing equipment for police agencies (Delegate Richard C. Matthews): 1989: killed by House Judiciary Committee; 1990: killed by Judiciary; 1991: killed by Judiciary.

* SLUDGE STORAGE REGULATION: Toughens Department of the Environment's permitting process for sewage sludge storage facilities (Delegate Donald B. Elliott): 1990: Requires applicant to provide specific information justifying choice of site; killed by House Environmental Matters Committee; 1991: Bill identical to 1990 version withdrawn; new bill introduced establishes county review as first level in permitting process, rather than state; requires applicant to demonstrate that storage facility would conform to county solid waste and land-use plans; killed by Environmental Matters.

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