No Comment Rule Needs To Be Shut Up


Coaches Have Right To Speak At Signings

April 14, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

Since we had a couple other pressing sports items to take care of this week, we were only able to give you a teaspoon of Qs and As on Wednesday. So, to provide you sports fans with your weekly fix, I've gota load of 'em today.

Don't forget, if you wish to respond or throw in your own Q, please call the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Can you believe that the pompous NCAA has a rule that allows college coaches to be at the site of a letter of intent/scholarship signing, but not to comment while there. The coach, however, can commenta block away.

Is that ridiculous or what?

Loyola College of Baltimore lacrosse coach Dave Cottle was on hand Thursday at North County for the signing of blue-chip goalie Tim McGeeney.

I've known Cottle since his days as head lacrosse coach at Severn School. But eventhough he's known me for more than a decade, he couldn't talk about McGeeney until we got off the school grounds and across the Ferndale railroad tracks.

Now what could be the purpose of a stupid rule like that? Just another way to get somebody who's not keeping up on thefine print of the NCAA manual?

There's no question the NCAA goes after certain people and looks the other way on others. By implementing stupid, petty rules like this one, it becomes easier to nail someone on a technicality.

* Isn't it amazing that George McGeeney, whose four sons -- including Tim -- all earned college scholarships for lacrosse after being coached by their dad, never played the sport himself?

"My wife's cousin taught me the game and encouraged us to get involved in the sport because of its opportunities," McGeeney said.

His wife Patricia's cousin is John Stewart, the former Loyola High coach who later coached in the Major Indoor Lacrosse League.

* Do you lacrosse fans agree with former University of Maryland All-American attackman and Navy lacrosse play-by-play broadcaster John Lamon that the pro indoor game is here to stay?

"I do expect it to stay around," said Lamon, who played in the league with the Washington franchise before retiring. "This is the fifth year of the league -- actually the seventh, because we did a two-year tour to test the market -- and there is a financial commitment to it from the two league owners, who live in Kansas City.

"Everything points to it continuing tobe successful."

* Did you know that Navy standout Brian Keith, who graduated last year, received a waiver from his military commitment-- a la David Robinson (NBA) and Napoleon McCallum (NFL) -- to play in the MILL this year?

"I think it's tremendous for Brian and for us. It can only help our recruiting," said Navy lacrosse coach Bryan Matthews, whose Middies have stringent academic requirements that make it extra tough to recruit.

* Do you realize that the two high school sports that provide the most college scholarships for our male student-athletes are the spring sports of lacrosse and baseball?

*Isn't it great to hear that two more standout softball players have received Division I scholarships -- Chesapeake pitcher Amy Jakubowskito Furman University in South Carolina and Severna Park's four-yearstarting shortstop Shani Cannon to the University of South Carolina?

* With Chesapeake off to its greatest start in girls lacrosse, at6-0, did you know that coach Jim Buchan is heaping accolades on his assistant, Jerry Raab, for the team's improved close defense?

* You've heard of stars going on football and lacrosse helmets for standout play? Didn't the Annapolis boys lacrosse team of coach Dan Hart set a new standard Friday night, April 5, with their homemade decals?

Can you believe that several members of the Panthers' stick team paid my close buddy, Prophet Pat, the supreme compliment during their 8-3 romp over Severna Park by pasting the Prophet's photo on their helmets?

Should the Prophet get a raise for all the extra newspapers he sold for those homemade decals?

* How many of you hoop fans knew that April holds a special meaning for one of our own, who coached the runner-up teams in the NBA finals on April 11, 1955, and April 7,1956?

Glen Burnie's Charlie Eckman, who coached the Fort Wayne (now Detroit) Pistons for four years in the old NBA, led his troops into the finals twice. In '55, Eckman's Pistons lost the final to Syracuse, 92-91; in '56, Eckman's Pistons dropped the championship series to the Philadelphia Warriors, 4-1, losing the clincher, 99-88.

Unfortunately, those things and so much more Eckman has done in sports asan amateur and high school athlete, coach, scout, referee and baseball umpire aren't enough to get him inducted into the Maryland Athletic Hall of Fame.

"Charlie Eckman is known all over the state of Maryland and belongs in our Hall of Fame," said State Boxing Commission board member and former promoter, Al Flora, who called one morning recently on the Sportsline to say he's going to try to gain support from the higher-ups to get Charlie in.

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