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Travelers' advisory

April 14, 1991

Here's what to look out for if you're traveling in the Baltimore metropolitan area this week, based on information from state and local highway agencies and the Mass Transit Administration. The list of highway projects includes only newly announced work, not ongoing construction, which is currently extensive on several highways, including I-95, U.S. 50/301 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. Highway plans are subject to change because of weather or other factors.

New highway projects

Saratoga Street at Howard Street is closed until May 15. Eastbound motorists will be directed north on Eutaw; east on Centre; south on Cathedral; then east on Saratoga. Westbound motorists will be directed north on Park Avenue; west on Franklin Street; south on Eutaw; then west on Saratoga.

Light-rail construction

* Eastbound Park Avenue at Mulberry Street: Park Avenue reduced to one lane due to construction.

* Dolphin Street between Howard Street and Mount Royal Avenue now one-way westbound. Traffic coming from south via Martin Luther King Boulevard destined for northbound Jones Falls Expressway continues east to Chase Street, east on Chase to Cathedral Street, then north at the 1100 block of Cathedral to Mount Royal Avenue and the expressway.

Bus route changes

The MTA has scheduled the following changes in bus routes for this week. For more information, call 539-5000; TTY for the hearing-impaired, 539-3497.


Because of the March of Dimes Walk-A-Thon today, the following diversions will be in effect.

No. 3 -- Between 8 a.m.-11 a.m., southbound service will operate on Gorsuch Avenue and 31st Street between Loch Raven Boulevard and St. Paul Street.

No. 22 -- Between 8 a.m.-11 a.m., westbound service will operate on Loch Raven, Gorsuch, Greenmount Avenue, 29th Street, Remington Avenue, 33rd Street, Chestnut Avenue, 36th Street, Roland Avenue to 41st Street instead of 33rd Street, University Parkway and 41st Street. Eastbound service will operate on 33rd Street between Charles Street and Barclay Street instead of University Parkway.

No. 61 -- Between 8 a.m.-11 a.m., northbound service will operate on 33rd Street, Charles Street, Northern Parkway to the temporary terminus southbound at St. Mary's Seminary.

No. 11 -- Between 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m., northbound and southbound service scheduled to operate via Rodgers Forge will be provided to the Homeland area only. No Rodgers Forge service will operate north of Northern Parkway. All other service scheduled along the Walk-A-Thon route will operate in the lane adjacent to the walkers.

Temporary diversion

No. M6 -- Effective Tuesday between 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Woodlawn Drive between Gwynn Oak Avenue and Windsor Mill Road will be closed, necessitating the following temporary route. When northbound, via regular route westbound on Gwynn Oak Avenue to Woodlawn Drive, south on Gwynn Oak, west on Windsor Mill, south on Woodlawn, then via regular route. When southbound, via regular route northbound on Woodlawn to Windsor Mill, east on Windsor Mill, north on Gywnn Oak, east on Gwynn Oak, via regular route.

Stadium diversions

Because of Orioles games and other events at Memorial Stadium, 33rd Street is made one-way eastbound before such events and one-way westbound afterward. This change in traffic necessitates temporary diversions for these lines.

Before events:

No. 3 westbound -- Regular route to 33rd and Loch Raven Boulevard, south on Loch Raven, west on Exeter Hall, west on 29th Street, north on Barclay Street, west on 31st Street, south on St. Paul Street, via regular route.

No. 22 westbound -- Regular route to 33rd and Loch Raven, south on Loch Raven, west on Exeter Hall, west on 29th, north on Barclay, west on University Parkway, via regular route.

After events:

No. 3 eastbound -- Regular route to Charles Street and 31st, east on 31st, north on Barclay, east on 32nd Street, north on Tinges Lane, east on Gorsuch Avenue, north on Loch Raven, east on 33rd, via regular route.

No. 22 eastbound -- Regular route to University and 33rd, south on Barclay, east on 32nd, north on Tinges, east on Gorsuch, north on Loch Raven, east on 33rd, via regular route.

Nos. 15 and 23

Effective until 5 a.m. tomorrow and again 7 p.m. Friday and continuing until 5 a.m. Monday, April 22, the intersection of Howard and Saratoga streets will be closed because of construction of the Central Light Rail Line, necessitating the following changes. Westbound, via regular route on Saratoga to Park Avenue, north on Park, west on Franklin Street, south on Eutaw Street, west on Saratoga, via regular route. When eastbound, via regular route on Saratoga to Eutaw, then north on Eutaw, east on Centre Street, south on Cathedral Street, east on Saratoga, via regular route.

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