Blast, Bays look to make date April 28 End of MSL season hastens final details

April 13, 1991|By Bill Free

The challenge match between the Baltimore Blast and the Maryland Bays most likely will be played 4 p.m. April 28 at Towson State's Minnegan Stadium Blast general manager John Borozzi said yesterday.

Borozzi said some "minor details" need to be worked out before the game is officially scheduled.

"We have to decide how the game is going to be marketed, how much we are going to spend on advertising the game, how much we're going to charge for tickets and how we're going to split the proceeds after we take out for charity," Borozzi said. "The longer we wait to play the game, the less fit our players become and the more fit their players are."

The Blast's Major Soccer League season ended last Saturday, and the Bays have been practicing weekly for their American Professional Soccer League opener May 4.

Borozzi hopes the game, matching the indoor game's Blast and the outdoor game's Bays, will draw approximately 7,000 fans.

Borozzi said the two teams have agreed to donate 10 percent of the proceeds to the Towson State football program but are aware of possible National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations against pro teams giving money to collegiate teams.

"The money would probably have to go into a general fund of some kind," said Borozzi, who met with Bays marketing director Emilio Pozzi yesterday.

The failure of the Blast to make the MSL playoffs this season has forced Borozzi to scramble this week to set up the match between the defending APSL champion Bays and last season's MSL runners-up to the San Diego Sockers.

"In my wildest dreams, I never expected us not to make the playoffs," Borozzi said. "So we were thinking about a mid-May game and now all of a sudden we can play the game in April."

Borozzi said that all members of the Blast are obligated by contract to play in the game except forward Domenic Mobilio.

"Domenic has it in his contract he can go anywhere he wants to play after our season is over ," Borozzi said. "That's because he is young [22] and might have a chance to play for the Canadian national team." Mobilio's home is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mobilio confirmed those intentions last night and is planning to -- leave Baltimore on Thursday.

"I'd like to play against the Bays," Mobilio said. "But I'll be gone by the time the game is played. I've played against them once and it was fun." Mobilio scored the winning goal in overtime for the Vancouver 86ers last September when they defeated the Bays for the North American outdoor soccer championship.

Mobilio scored two goals in that game for Vancouver, and Blast forward Dale Mitchell had one goal and one assist for the 86ers, the 1990 Canadian Soccer League champions.

Mobilio (49 goals, 33 assists) and Mitchell (42 goals, 40 assists) shared scoring honors for the Blast this season.

Midfielder Billy Ronson (35 goals, 33 assists), the Blast's third-leading scorer, said last night that he is looking forward to playing against the Bays even though he hasn't played outdoor soccer since February 1986.

"If you look at it realistically, you have to put your money on them to win," Ronson said. "Our game is indoor soccer, and outdoor soccer is their game. We're in a no-win situation because we're the professionals and expected to win against semipros even though it's not our game."

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