Military cutbacks in Maryland

April 13, 1991

Following is a look at how the proposed scaling down and closing of military bases would affect Maryland. The proposals would involve the loss of 915 civilian jobs and a gain of 134 military positions, for a net loss of 781 jobs.

1. Naval Electronics Systems Engineering Activity, St. Inigoes, St. Mary's County

Activities: Works on electronics materials for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, such as underwater surveillance and friend-or-foe identification systems.

Change: Facility closed. Loses 37 military, 1,018 civilian jobs.

2. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen

Activities: Research and development of new weapons and equipment and training for soldiers.

Change: Gains 15 military, 175 civilian jobs.

3. Fort Detrick, Frederick

Activities: Research in such areas as military medical problems, care of combat casualties, microbiology and infectious diseases.

Changes: Loses 9 military, 30 civilian jobs.

4. Fort Ritchie, Cascade

Activities: Army communications center.

Changes: Gains 24 military, 155 civilian jobs.

5. Harry Diamond Laboratories, Adelphi

Activities: Research on the effects of nuclear weapons, high-power microwave technology, anti-radiation missile countermeasures, fluidic technology and space.

Change: Loses 7 military, 110 civilian jobs.

6. David Taylor Research Center, Carderock

Activities: Research, development, testing and evaluation of Navy vehicles.

Change: Gains 363 civilian jobs.

7. David Taylor Research Center Detachment, Annapolis

Activities: Research and development on submarines and ships.

Change: Loses 5 military, 548 civilian jobs.

8. Naval Ordnance Station, Indian Head

Activities: Research on weapons and manufacturing of propellants and explosives.

Change: Loses 2 military, 30 civilian jobs

9. Naval Surface Warfare Center Detachment, White Oak

Activities: Research on surface-ship combat systems, mines, ordnance and strategic systems.

Change: Loses 5 military, 1,701 civilian jobs.

10. Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda

Activities: Navy's largest biomedical research facility.

Change: Gains 17 military, 16 civilian jobs.

11. Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River, St. Mary's County

Activities: Tests and evaluates aircraft and aircraft weapons systems.

Change: Gains 143 military, 1,813 civilian jobs.


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