ZYZYX!--it isn't a snore, it's a galleryZYZYX! Festival at...

April 12, 1991|By Donna Peremes

ZYZYX!--it isn't a snore, it's a gallery

ZYZYX! Festival at Woodholme, Suite 127. Various objects.

When driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Hazel Greenstein came upon a sign post that read "Zyzyx." She liked the sound of it, and so used the name for her new venture: an arts, crafts and jewelry gallery. Ms. Greenstein appears to use similarly impulsive methods in deciding what to put on the store's shelves, which literally include everything from A (Amit batiks) to Z (Zuni pottery). A special focus for the owner, a former nursery school teacher, is her collection of educational materials and toys. Handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, pull toys, and rocking horses are some of the latter. Call 486-9785. Jim McKee's physical and emotional pilgrimage began after he was contaminated with radioactive material at his job as an airline ramp agent; he quit and later began to study art at Towson State. This exhibit (through May 3) can be seen as a milestone on that journey to health: It's a master's show culled from his work at TSU. Not surprisingly, symbols of transformation inform much of his work. Celtic themes -- a reflection of his Scottish-Irish heritage -- also are prominent. Call 830-2796.


409 N. Charles St. "Feet of Glass."

Every other year, the Art Glass Alliance of Maryland hosts a "Feet of Glass" competition -- consisting of creations no bigger than a foot in width or length. This year's display (through April 26) includes approximately 50 pieces by artists from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Given the limitations of the category, it's hardly surprising that most of the pieces are sculptures, though the rules for "flat," or hanging, glass are somewhat less stringent, allowing for works up to 2 feet wide or long. Call 396-1300.


112 St. Paul St.

National Communication Graphics Exhibition

Corporations are the modern Houses of Medici. Rather than promoting the glory of the great Lorenzo, though, many artists today are obliged to channel their powers into promoting Nike "Pump" sneakers. Or Madonna albums. Or IBM computers. This graphic design showcase (through April 26) includes 442 pieces ranging from product packages to album covers to annual reports. Ken Carbone, chairman of the selection jury, says the pieces were chosen for their ability to "transcend overbearing style or elaborate production and celebrate some of the basic principles of design -- clarity, innovation and . . . creative ideas." Call 625-2587.

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