Holmes' program showing positive signs at Morgan

April 11, 1991|By Paul McMullen

Michael Holmes continued his makeover of the Morgan State basketball program yesterday, as he signed three prospects to national letters of intent. Holmes was headed to Syracuse today, where he anticipated signing yet another player.

Yesterday began the spring signing period for letters of intent. During the fall period, Morgan State got commitments from four players. Counting the four he got yesterday and today and three players who sat out last year, he will have at least 11 new faces when practice for the 1991-92 season begins next fall.

Two of yesterday's signings will be hard to miss. Charles Fagin is a 6-foot-8, 220-pound center from Mansfield, Ohio, and David Jon-Ming is a 6-6, 260-pound forward from Mount Vernon (N.Y.) High, which finished No. 14 in the final USA Today rankings. The other signing was Terry Wright, a 6-4 point guard from Philadelphia.

Holmes said that Jon-Ming helped his team to a state title in New York, but Fagin and Wright did not play this past year.

"Fagin was an all-state player in Ohio last year [1989-90], but his adoptive parents didn't want him to play this past season," Holmes said. "That's one reason we were able to get him. He's still waiting to see if he'll predict [meet the Proposition 48 requirement of a 700 score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test].

"Wright was 6-foot when he got out of high school two years ago," Holmes said. "He went into the Air Force and grew four inches. We've seen him play, and we think he's a real sleeper."

Today Holmes expected to receive another letter of intent from Bernell Reid, a 6-5 guard from Syracuse who has orally committed to attend Morgan State.

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