Warning on safety barriers totally ignoredAbout six years...

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April 11, 1991

Warning on safety barriers totally ignored

About six years ago when I was state treasurer I urged the Maryland Transportation Authority to add safety barriers at dangerous places along the Kennedy Highway. I did this in writing, verbally and by a tour on that highway with the secretary of transportation and a representative of the Kennedy Highway. My recommendations were totally ignored.

Now, an article in the April 2 Evening Sun states that betwee March 30 and April 1 eight people died because of the lack of median strip barriers on the highway.

Why does it take a series of fatal accidents to inspire road administrators to take safety measures to guard against obvious dangers?

William S. James

Havre de Grace

A secure Israel

I am dumbfounded by Joseph Lepgold and Bernard Finel's suggestion that Israelis should base their defense on promises from the United States to come to their aid (Other Voices, April 1). They actually cite what happened to Kuwait as a good example of U.S. dependability in case of attack!

Kuwait today lies in ruin, and even with all their billions of petro-dollars, it will take the Kuwaitis decades to rebuild their country. No one even knows how many Kuwaitis were murdered, raped and tortured. Perhaps the Emir of Kuwait can consider the result of the war to be victory for his country. But I doubt Prime Minister Shamir would feel good if such a tragedy befell Israel. I guarantee he would no longer be prime minister.

The U.S. is certainly the best friend Israel has in the world today, but friendships between nations are never permanent and always of limited usefulness. Israel will never feel secure until the Arab nations that surround it establish normal, peaceful relations.

Ray A. Kiewe


Joseph Lepgold and Bernard Finel suggest the Israeli-Arab-Palestinian impasse could be broken were we to assure Israel's security with its pre-1967 borders through an "explicit defense pact" to include a small U.S. deterrent force within Israel. This would also enable the West Bank Palestinians to determine their own future.

Twenty years ago, in an address before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, I made the same suggestion which I subsequently discussed on a number of occasions in both Israel and in Washington.

In addition to the two issues mentioned by Lepgold and Finel that might prevent Israeli acceptance, a third - which I found more important ` was a reluctance to limit freedom of action with respect to future borders, which would provide water access and room for Russian immigrants.

Particularly in the age of ground-to-ground missiles (as the Scuds so dramatically demonstrated), borders can only be secure if they are recognized and agreed upon by the parties on both sides. Geography has become irrelevant.

David G. Nes

Owings Mills

The writer is a retired foreign service officer. 1

No trespassing

Deborah Bowers' commentary, "Can we save what farmland is left?" (Other Voices, April 4), shows she has little or no regard for citizens' private property rights. The Evening Sun is equall biased in presenting many more editorials supporting the governor's communistic 2020 plan than opposing it.

I'd be willing to bet that Ms. Bowers doesn't own a handful of dirt; yet she wants to dictate - or rather, to have the state dictate - what taxpaying landowners can do with the land they own. Ms. Bowers, if you want to preserve land, buy your own!

J. Douglas Parran

St. Leonard

Gestapo tactics

I am appalled that State Police Capt. Larry Tolliver had the gall to have innocent Maryland citizens surreptitiously photographed while they were exercising their rights of free speech in a peaceful demonstration at the Maryland State House last month. This sample of Gestapo intimidation has no place in our society and really asks the question: Who is actually defending our rights and freedoms?

This is not Nazi Germany or China! This blatant example of police arrogance calls for the immediate resignation or dismissal of Tolliver and of Col. Elmer Tippett, State Police superintendent, for allowing this disgusting violation of our rights of free assembly and speech. This is not and will not be Los Angeles! Tolliver and Tippett must go!

Henry F. Daidone

Ellicott City

Soldiers pray

I was appalled at your editorial on April 1 relative to General Schwarzkopf's remarks that "God was on our side. He had to be because of the outcome."

I'm sure all the many prayers that were said for our soldiers were backed up by the belief that God was on our side.

Heaven help this country if we ever stop asking God's help and guidance. To me it is not nonsense.

Louise H. Gohr


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