The color explosion puts bright lights into shopping days

April 10, 1991|By Carrie Donovan | Carrie Donovan,N.Y. Times

If you like color, this is certainly your season. It's hard to remember such an assault of high-voltage shades. Stores are chockablock with suits, jackets, dresses, sweaters, accessories and even lingerie in every color. And this is not just a top-ticket phenomenon; the explosion of color covers fashion at every price level.

The problem is what shades to choose. Here is a guide.

Blues don't seem to make it. Turquoise, in particular, seems unfashionable. Deep purple looks too intense, but violet is lovely. Greens are in their glory, especially sharp, grassy tones. Red is always right, but this season it has been eclipsed by a range of pinks, from the palest to the deepest peony.

The big hits, though, are orange and yellow, and the more intense the better. The surprise is that both of these colors, which have not been around in abundance recently, are flattering to many different skin tones.

You would think, for instance, that blondes should avoid both of them. Yet the effect is quite the opposite. It's fascinating how these sharp shades add sparkle to every complexion.

If you lust for color, seize the moment. By the fall, most tones will be more muted. So act while the color wheel is hot.

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