U.S. opposes American in case vs. Saudis

April 09, 1991|By New York Times

WASHINGTON -- After sustained lobbying from the Saudi Arabian Embassy, the Bush administration has asked a federal appeals court to reverse a ruling that allows the Saudi government to be sued in the United States for the reported torture of an American.

In taking the unusual step, the administration contends that an important national interest exists in reversing the ruling -- to prevent foreign governments from retaliating by allowing American officials to be sued in their courts.

A three-judge panel ruled unanimously Feb. 21 that Scott J. Nelson of Raleigh, N.C., could bring suit against the Saudi government for what he says was a severe beating during his imprisonment in 1984.

Last week, the Bush administration formally entered the case, asking the panel to reconsider its February decision or, alternatively, to have the case heard before the entire 11-member court.

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