'Home Alone' sequel depends on original cast

April 09, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD -- John Hughes, who wrote and produced ''Home Alone,'' (Chris Columbus directed), is incredulous over the success of the $18.2 million production. It had sold $257.5 worth of tickets as of the middle of last week and is about to become the third-highest grossing movie ever.

"Who would have guessed it?" he asks, comparing it to his previous efforts, such as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and other teen-oriented pictures that have reached plateaus of $70 million -- but never beyond. His newest film, "Career Opportunities," which he also wrote and produced, is, in his view, "a disappointment" because "I didn't have my usual creative control." The comedy opened to a light $4 million in first-weekend business.

A "Home Alone" sequel will be made only if Hughes can reassemble all the elements of the first film, he says. That includes Macauley Culkin and other cast members, as well as burglars Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, who will return if schedules permit.

Wouldn't the crooks be in jail, after being foiled by Kevin in the first movie? "Well, yes," admits Hughes. "But by the time we start making the film, given our penal system, they would probably already be out of prison."

When he was first contemplating "Home Alone," the Chicago-based Hughes recalls, "I was trying real hard to follow [my own] lessons of success and look for something that would * Diane Keaton, who can use a high-profile role in a commercial film, has been set to co-star with Steve Martin in Touchstone Pictures' remake of Vincente Minnelli's 1950 "Father of the Bride." The roles were played in the original by Joan Bennett and Spencer Tracy. Martin Short has been signed for a cameo, but the role of the daughter is still uncast

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