Diabetes and travel

April 09, 1991

THE DIABETIC Traveler" is a quarterly newsletter for people with diabetes who want to start or keep on traveling.

Each issue focuses on a specific destination and provides tips for enjoying a country or region without compromising health needs. Among the advice is how to adjust insulin intake for air travel, what to include in a medical history and what kinds of food and weather to expect.

''The Diabetic Traveler'' is edited by Maury Rosenbaum, who has had insulin-dependent diabetes for 15 years and who has also worked in the travel industry.

A one year's subscription costs $15. Back copies, covering destinations such as Hawaii, Tokyo, Spain and San Francisco, are available for $3 each. Write: The Diabetic Traveler, Box 8223 RW, Stamford, Conn. 06905.

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