'Sylvia' joins our comics crew

April 08, 1991

MAKE ROOM on the fridge for "Slyvia's Real Good Advice," up-to-the-minute satire from comic page artist Nicole Hollander.

"Slyvia," which appears in 50 newspapers nationwide, debuts today on Page D6. (When it debuts under a refrigerator magnet in your kitchen is up to you.)

The Chicago Tribune says of Sylvia: "What [readers] love is her unshakable gumption to just let go -- to soak in a tub all day, putz around in a bathrobe, surrender to the calls of junk food and nicotine and turn housefrau slouch into the royal bearing of armchair diva."

Hollander's "blowsy, frowsy, garish, wisecracking heroine" was the inspiration for an acclaimed musical produced in Chicago this spring.

Sylvia replaces "Dick Tracy," which was dropped from the Sunday Sun comic page last month. Should you have any comments about our comic changes, call Michael Davis, assistant managing editor for features and sports, at 332-6507 during business hours.

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