May trout workshop to explore impact of forestry practices

April 07, 1991|By Peter Baker

Habitat, of course, is important to the well-being of creature great and small. In the case of trout, good habitat has been a matter of concern for fisheries managers and sportsmen for years, a matter of keeping the streams clear and their shores suitably planted.

On May 8-9, the Trout Committee Southern Division, American Fisheries Society, will hold a Trout and Timber Workshop in Garrett County to discuss how forestry practices and trout management are interlocked throughout the Appalachian region.

The list of speakers reads like a who's who among state and federal forestry and cold-water fishery managers from Pennsylvania to Georgia. The workshop is headed by Dr. Robert A. Bachman, director of freshwater fisheries for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, and Jeff Durniak of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

Among the topics to be discussed are: buffer strips, water influence zones, logging road practices, the effect and impact of clear cutting and selective cutting, old growth management on trout streams, the effects of pesticides, the importance of woody debris in streams and the general impact of forestry practices on stream hydrology, temperature, sediment and nutrient cycling.

Headquarters for the workshop will be the Will O' Wisp on Deep Creek Lake.

The workshop is open to the public, but the program is expected to be highly technical and seating is limited. Bachman said he believes there will be approximately 30 seats available to members of the public on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information, call Bachman at 974-3061.

* The Russian challenge for the 1992 America's Cup will land in San Diego in mid-April when the Red Star, the first of two Soviet-designed International America's Cup Class boats, is flown into Brown Airfield.

Because of last-minute design modifications, however, the Red Star will arrive too late to compete in the IACC World Championships in early May.

Soviet skipper Guram Biganishvili said the team decided it would benefit more from design work and training than from rushing the boat and crew to enter the Worlds unprepared.

Red Star is expected to begin sailing by the end of April, after the keel has been installed and the boat outfitted.

"We will be keenly watching all competitors and taking careful notes in preparation for the Cup," Biganishvili said.

* The Women's Match Racing Championship, which will be sailed in the Inner Harbor on May 17-19, has picked up Crown Petroleum as its first major corporate sponsor.

Confirmed skippers for the event are J.J. Isler of San Diego, Cory Sertl from Rochester, N.Y., Betsy Alison of Newport, R.I., and Nance Frank of Annapolis.

Teams from Italy, England and the Soviet Union also have been invited to sail in the event.

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