Isaiah Retracts New School Idea

April 07, 1991

Temple Isaiah, which in mid-March announced plans to break away fromthe Howard County Jewish Community School and form its own school, has changed plans and is recommending that its families continue to enroll their children in the community school for at least another year.

The school's enrollment includes 400 students from Temple Isaiah -- approximately two-thirds of the student body.

Although Temple Isaiah President Lester Feldman would not explainwhy the split was being considered when interviewed last month, he issued a letter to parents two weeks ago referring to concerns by the Temple's school board over a "lack of religious orientation in our children's education."

He further stated that Temple board members will be committed to "exploring" the issue of "spiritual direction of the


Feldman has said previously that the temple wantedits own school. He could not be reached for comment late last week.

The community school's president, Michael Jacobs, speculated that Temple Isaiah's enrollment plan will be formally disclosed at the next school board meeting at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Oakland Mills Meeting House. "We're glad they're staying," said Jacobs.

The community school enrollment comes mostly from two synagogues -- Temple Isaiah and Columbia Jewish Congregation -- that contribute 3 percent of the annual $250,000 budget.

Members pay to send their children on weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

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