3 County Teams Win In Tourneys


Mount Airy, Fredrick Squads Win Regional Youth Duckpin Trophies

April 07, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

Three teams from Carroll County won their divisions at the Coca-ColaNational Duckpin Youth Association Championship regional tournamentslast weekend.

Two teams from Mount Airy Lanes -- Bad Influences in the Major Division and Devastation in the Junior Division -- were winners in the competition on their home courts. At Frederick's Village Lanes, the Pee Wee Division was won by the Thunderhead Westminster team Champion A.

Not only did the Bad Influences team have a three-game set of 2,245, it also had a truly great team single game of 744. The team consisted of Steve and Mike Connors, Ron Wood, Claude Sier and Jeff Henderson.

Steve and Mike Conners were born and raised in Mount Airy andbowl at Mount Airy Lanes in the Saturday Youth League. Mike, 21, carries a 119 average, with a high game of 196 and a high set of 491; brother Steve, 18, has a 121 average, with a high game of 187 and a high series of 487.

"My little brother is a heck of a bowler," Mike said. "What I like about bowling is being able to bowl with him."

Wood, 22, lives in Ijamsville in nearby Frederick County and bowls atMount Airy in the Saturday Youth league. The Linganore High graduateplays baseball, basketball and soccer as well as keeping up with hisbowling. This tournament was a family affair -- brother Sean and sister Tammy also bowled in the same event.

Sier is a fixture at the Mount Airy Lanes, where he does a little bit of everything; he carries a 122 average and started bowling 14 years ago, when he was 7.

Henderson started bowling when he was 4 years old.

"This will be mylast year to bowl in a youth tournament," he said in an interview before the competition. "I hope I do OK."

Not only is he a part of achampionship team, he threw the high single game of 181 and the highindividual series of 467. That series was one of three -- the other two were 449 and 436.

In the Junior Division, Devastation includedAngie Robertson, Joel Logue, Sean Wood, Jeff Fleming and Jimmy Thompson.

Thompson had the high Junior Division game of 172 and the high set of 455.

Typical of that team is Joel Logue. He's 13, is in the eighth grade at Mount Airy Middle and plays fullback and middle linebacker on the football team. He also is a pitcher and second baseman. Joel carries a 113 average in the Mount Airy Youth League and has a high game of 180, with 432 high series.

While the older youth were bowling at Mount Airy, Village Lanes in Frederick was home to the younger bowlers, including the following from Carroll County:

* Shaun Blakeslee, 10, a fourth-grader, lives in Westminster and has a 128 average.

* Steven Boston, 12, an East Middle pupil, lives in Westminster and bowls at Thunderhead Lanes there with a 71 average.

* Alan Carr, 11, attends East Middle and lives and bowls in Westminster, where he carries an 82 average.

* Wendy Nicole Chick, 11, who goes to Robert Moton Elementary, bowls at Thunderhead in Westminster,averages 81 and has a high game of 103.

* Heather Dow, 9, has been bowling since she was 6, carries a 76 average and placed third in this tournament last year.

* Bethany Fisher, 8, bowls at Mount Airylanes, goes to Mount Airy Elementary and carries a 66 average.

* Daniel Hood, 12, attends West Middle, started bowling last fall and is an amateur magician, swimmer, wrestler and Boy Scout.

* Jeffrey Hood, a bantam bowler since last fall, skates, swims and is a Cub Scout.

* Robby Hutter, 9, of Westminster averages 67 and goes to Liberty Christian School in Owings Mills. He took second place in the Thunderhead Christmas tournament last year.

* Timmy and Jason Jackmanlive and bowl in Mount Airy. Jason, 9, averages 87 and goes to MountAiry Elementary; Timmy, 11, attends Mount Airy Middle and averages 92.

* Ben Johnson, 6, is a two-year bowling veteran and has an average of 61, with 109 high game. He lives in Finksburg, bowls at Thunderhead Westminster and goes to Sandymunt Elementary.

* Jeremy Karp,11, has an average of 79, a high series of 266 and bowls at Mount Airy, where he lives and attends middle school.

* Melissa Kurland, 11, has been bowling since she was 4 and averages 77 with a 123 high game; she attends Westminster Middle and in 1985 was Pee Wee champion in Central Maryland.

* Her brother, Robert Kurland, 12, started bowling at 3; his average is 86, and he was boys Pee Wee champion in 1985 for Central Maryland.

* Jason McCracken, 12, is a newcomer to duckpins, but he's averaging 92 with a high game of 149. He lives in Sykesville, attends Sykesville Middle and bowls at Mount Airy.

* Justin Oldham, 6, has patches for games in excess of 20 and 30 pins over his average and a patch for throwing 75 pins over his average for aseries.


* Alyson Rineer, 8, started bowling when she was 4 and has an average of 76, with a high game of 108. She lives and bowls in Mount Airy.

* Mandy Robertson, 8, started bowling when she was 4 and averages of 71. She lives, bowls and goes to schoolin Mount Airy.

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