Man Sentenced For Sexual Abuse

Draws 9 Months Of House Arrest After 1,000 Porn Photos Found In Home

April 07, 1991|By Jay Apperson | Jay Apperson,Staff writer

A 55-year-old man who was arrested after a raid on his Pasadena hometurned up 1,000 pornographic photographs of teen-agers was sentencedFriday to nine months of house arrest for sexually abusing a teen-age girl.

James Dunlap Faucette had pleaded guilty to sexual child abuse two months ago. Child pornography charges were dropped because the subjects in the photographs could not be identified. Prosecutors had no way to prove that those photographed were younger than 16, saidAssistant State's Attorney Cynthia M. Ferris.

"We assumed we'd be able to identify the children, but no one stepped forward," Ferris said. She said most of the girls appeared to bebetween 13 and 17.

"They weren't obviously children; they weren't5 or 6 years old," the prosecutor added.

The abused girl had alsobeen photographed, but prosecutors decided to pursue a sexual child abuse conviction, which carries a stiffer penalty. The conviction also places the man on a list kept by social services officials of sexual child abusers, Ferris said.

Circuit Judge Raymond G. Thieme Jr. gave Faucette a two-year suspended sentence and placed him on five years probation under the conditions he not have unsupervised contact with children and he receive counseling as ordered by probation officials.

Faucette was arrested in May after police served a search warrant on his home in the first block of Granada Road and found the photographs. After his arrest, Faucette admitted taking the pictures, police said.

The police began investigating Faucette after detectives interviewed a 15-year-old girl in a group home for underprivileged and emotionally troubled children in Frostburg. The girl told detectives that prior to August 1988, her parents had arranged for her to goto Faucette's home to clean. Faucette had been a friend of the family.

For about a year -- when the girl was 11 and 12 -- Faucette sexually abused the girl and took explicit pictures of her, Ferris said.In pleading guilty to sexual child abuse, the man admitted taking photographs of the girl but denied having sexual contact with her.

After his arrest, police said many of the pictures confiscated were ofarea children Faucette had invited into his home, while other photographs apparently were obtained commercially.

Faucette, a native ofBristol, Tenn., was divorced and living alone in the home in the Sunset Beach community on Stony Creek. He had been running a computer-consulting business from his home.

A Pasadena woman, described as Faucette's girlfriend, was subsequently indicted on a child pornographycharge for allegedly allowing her two pre-teen daughters to pose forphotographs. County State's Attorney Frank R. Weathersbee said he could recall no other case in his two decades in the county in which a parent was charged with allowing a child to pose for sexually suggestive photographs.

The pornography charge against the woman was dropped when prosecutors determined the pictures were not explicit enough to qualify as pornography. The photos showed the girls in sexually suggestive poses in their underwear but did not show sex acts.

The43-year-old mother was found guilty last December of sexual child abuse. County Circuit Judge Bruce C. Williams granted the woman probation before judgment, meaning the conviction will be erased if she successfully completes three years of supervised probation. The woman's name is being withheld to protect the identity of the children, who were 10 and 11 when the photos were taken in August 1988.

Ferris said the woman would be under the supervision of social services officials during her probation. The girls are in foster care.

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